Socially Responsible Ettiquette when You or Your Child is Sick

I was feeling quite unwell since yesterday as the toddler passed her bug to me these few days.

And how did the toddler get her bug? Coz some parents brought their sick toddlers to music class last Saturday. And as that’s the only ‘outside influence’ the toddler is exposed to, I had to assume that the bug came from there.

I am actually okay with the toddler getting the bug – it’s nothing super serious (thankfully. Maybe if it’s serious, I will not be okay…) and it helps to build her immunity system (as doctors will always say) BUT I had to sacrifice 3-4 days of sleep monitoring her temperature every 1.5 hours through the night. THAT, is quite a lot of inconvenience to me, to my work and to my immunity system.

I have left feedback to the music school and the principal said she would make sure the teacher reminds all parents this Saturday in class.

Sure, the music classes aren’t cheap and no one wants to miss any class. When the parents came last week with severely congested-sounding children, some coughing and some sneezing, I just kept quiet and prayed that my toddler would be strong enough to not catch any of the bacteria. But come on lah –

  1. If your kid is the healthy one,
  2. I bring my sick child to class,
  3. Your kid gets the bug and you spend $100 at the clinic plus 2 days childcare leave
  4. –> you will be happy about it meh?

It’s simple manners – do unto others what you want others to do unto you. If you do not understand this simple principle, then don’t kaopei if I confront you and ask “I’m sorry, is your child feeling okay?”.

Tsk tsk.

It’s the same for childcare – I know that there are parents who will bring their sick children to childcare, claim that they are already recovering i.e. no more fever but still sneezing and coughing away aka bacteria and viruses still spreading through saliva and mucus. I can totally understand that the parent had taken childcare leave to tend to the children in the initial beginning when there was fever and now the parents have to go back to work – it’s a no-choice situation sometimes. Can’t blame anyone really.

That is why I will never send my kids to childcare.


Adults who are sick and still go to work are also socially being very irresponsible. I see SO MANY adults coughing and sneezing on the train. You know what I will do? I will immediately cover my nose with my hand. And I do it right in their face.

If you are sick and you are coughing or sneezing uncontrollably and HAVE TO GO TO WORK BECAUSE OTHER PEOPLES’ LIVES OR YOUR OWN LIFE IS AT STAKE IF YOU DON’T GO WORK, put on a mask lah.

Put on a mask – WILL DIE MEH?

The best action will be, please do everyone a favor, see a doctor, get a medical certificate and stay home rest. If you have no more medical leave to take, please take unpaid leave.

IF you have no more medical leave to take, it really means that you are not being responsible to yourself and all the more it serves you right to take unpaid leave to rest, repent and think about what you should do to become more healthy.

No one appreciates getting a bug, especially mothers with young children. I don’t mind getting sick myself, but I mind very much if my kids fall sick.

Just need to get it off my chest.


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