Songs I Grew Up With

If you grew up with me in the same era, these songs will get you either dancing or crying!

郭富城 – 我想偷偷对你说我爱你

The very first singer I really really liked was Aaron Kwok, one of the Four Heavenly Kings (the rest being Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Leon Lai). Since his very first album 对你爱不完 (year 1990 – gosh I was only 10),I was shipping him until he stopped singing regularly. At that time, I didn’t even bother listening to the other 3 Heavenly Kings – only Aaron was the best. hahaha.

This was the other song I really liked – a Cantonese one, not very well-played in Singapore but I find it really catchy 🙂

郭富城 - 國王的新歌


After Aaron Kwok, I started to like this chap called 孫耀威.

孫耀威 認識你真好

I remember that there was a close fight between 孫耀威 and 林志颖. It’s funny, all my friends then would like one and hate the other. Very angsty teenagers!


And as I grew older, I started listening to Eason Chan, who’s really a fantastic crooner – I love his so-stretchable voice!

This has to be my favourite song from Eason:

陳奕迅 – 全世界失眠

This song is so emo…. actually i find that his voice can really bring you up to the heavens (and vice versa..)!

Another one I love:

陳奕迅 – 好久不見

There are so many other songs from him that I adore!

Hmm I realised that I have been sharing guys’ songs.. well there are ladies I like also la, like Stefanie Sun, Sammi Cheng – but I learnt their songs mainly because I can sing them in KTV 😀

Nowadays I really cannot find any nice Chinese male singers leh. So I fell in love with Bruno Mars loh.

I have previously heard about him before, but never really googled him and check how he looked like. To me, he looks like this:

Because when I search iTunes, that was all I saw! Oh well.

Then one fine day when I was running on the treadmill and watching some MTVs to pass time, I came across this song of his:

I went “Hey this song has a nice beat that helps me jog better!”

So I went to buy his album on iTunes, which by the way, looks like:

Ok whatever. This isn’t helping me to like him more… coz I never get to see any good picture of his face!

The real deal came when one fine day, I started watching his live singing on Youtube.

Runaway Baby

His stage presence, his moves and that voice!

Ok u not convinced about the dance moves? Watch this:

Our First Time. I so badly want to watch him live IN THE FRONT ROW.


And his latest hit Uptown Funk did not fail me either. Watch the live version on The Ellen Show:

He’s so so so good.

Ok I think I am getting quite endless here.. but I still have Michael Buble to talk about. Ok maybe next post 😀


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