Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore (Food Review)

Hubby had his very old wish come true last night when I gave him a birthday treat at Morton’s, any steak lover’s ultimate destination. I made a reservation a few weeks ago and indicated that it was hubby’s birthday dinner. And yesterday during lunch, I received a call from Morton’s confirming my reservation and I was also told that there would be a 2nd seating at 830pm hence if we wish to stay after 830pm, we could adjourn to the bar.

Hubby reached there first at about 615pm and got seated first. I took the train to Promenade MRT after work from Downtown MRT. I totally regretted the decision…

I had to climb (yes I was running late so I climbed) 3 long flights of escalators, walk down the entire stretch of Millenia Walk, climb up the Link Bridge to Marina Square, got lost a little inside there before finally spotting the tiny door that led to ANOTHER 3 FLIGHTS OF STAIR to the hotel lobby.

Of coz the gruelling walk did not spoil my mood. I reached Morton’s feeling very well-exercised and all ready to devour a cow 🙂

It was my first time to Morton’s and I was quickly ushered to the table where hubby was seated by a friendly hostess. We had a corner 2 pax face to face table and hubby was telling me perhaps we could try to get those semi circle booth seats. There were a stretch of those semi circle booth seats, and couples were seated side by side facing the main dining area.

I observed those couples in the booth seats.. they were all Chinese. They were either looking very engrossed in their phones, or just looking into blank space waiting for their food. So I replied,

“u know, these seats are probably more suited for couples who would gaze into each other’s eyes, gently touch each other’s faces and whisper sweet nothings to each other. I would imagine Americans or Europeans doing that but u see these couples there.. They look like they are watching some tv.”

He he he. Was I mean? 🙂

Anyway we were comfortable where we were – and check out the personalised menu!


I seriously did not see this. Hubby told me to look at the menu once I reached and I went immediately to where the steaks were lolol. He had to literally point this section to me and I went “oh wow!!”

It was really sweet. His name was on the menu!

Hubby ordered a medium center cut prime rib eye,  I ordered a small filet mignon. Then we ordered parmesan and truffle matchstick fries and a side of spinach and button mushrooms to share.

For drinks, we both had a round of their humongous Lycheetini.

It was really dim inside so I did not take many pics.0


Once I reached, the attentive bread runner served us with this huge round loaf of their onion bread. It was hot and very yummy. We couldn’t finish it!

The food came pretty quickly. Both steaks were really well-executed and hubby’s 16oz rib eye was BIG. He couldn’t finish it and gave a bit to me. Thankfully my filet was just 6oz.


I love the atmosphere – cosy and we were literally in our own world.


I loved the Lycheetini – it was bigger than the usual martini size. They added more liquor according to the size. Just nice!


Haha this was taken from a high angle so my face looked small. But it made me very happy lol!

Hubby noted that for the size and quality of the food there, it’s actually not that expensive. Morton’s 16oz rib eye ($100) is actually 450grams, equivalent to 2 standard rib eyes you get outside at any other restaurant. It’s actually quite okay! And their truffle fries ($24) – so much lor! We couldn’t finish it, so sad. They were really tasty.

We ordered a hot chocolate lava cake to share and it came 30 minutes later!


With a birthday candle. Many tables last night had birthdays too, guess Morton’s is a great place for special occasions haha.


The hostess helped us take a nice picture and she also took a couple of pictures using her camera! I like the background which showed the entire dining area.


And at the end of the dinner, we were presented with this lovely card containing our photo and some handwritten words 🙂 a very nice momento! Hubby looked so red after half a glass of that Lycheetini haha.

There was really nothing to complain about Morton’s. Everything was done beautifully!


2 thoughts on “Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore (Food Review)

  1. Joyce says:

    Hi! Have you been to Woolloomooloo & Lawry’s as well? I’m thinking of bringing my partner to either Morton’s or the other two steakhouses for his birthday dinner. Which one (food / ambience / privacy) would you recommend? Thanks 🙂

    • wendylimwendy says:

      Hello Joyce!

      I haven’t been to Wooloomooloo & Lawry’s before, so I cannot comment.

      Both my husband and I have always regarded Morton’s as the ultimate steak place to go to – it’s like an achievement unlocked for us, and we were not disappointed. Both food and service were fabulous and we could not find anything to complain about 🙂

      We loved both the food and the ambience, but for privacy, it wouldn’t be very private because you will be sitting with other diners.. 🙂

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