Fifty Shades of Grey Movie – Afterthoughts (Spoiler Alert)

I read somewhere that Jamie Dornan mentioned about having no chemistry with his co-star Dakota Johnson.

I think it may be true, after watching the movie a few days ago with Hubby.

Hmm, maybe the storyline did accommodate for the ‘no-chemistry’ factor as well, because it speaks about 2 strangers, who barely knew each other, coming into such a… confusing relationship. It was obvious that Ana likes Christian, but for Christian, my guess is that he likes Ana, it was his first time truly liking somebody, and he did not know how to handle it. Coz to him, his whole life consisted of performing dominant acts with females – plain physical stuff and nothing else. This time round with the playful and cute Ana (I really do like the way she talks breathlessly and also her naturally girly demeanor), Christian found himself breaking rules such as bringing her for dates, dancing with her etc. I really did enjoy the parts where they interacted with each other with clothes on.


On the other hand, the sexual components were quite… sober and from the scenes, I could feel that there was no emotions at play for Christian and it was purely a ritual to him – a ritual that brings about ‘satisfaction’. He took pleasure in every detail – the intricate red room, the neat displays of toys and the way he was tying her/ positioning her. As for Ana, it was clear that she was in love with Christian, the first guy who made her heart flutter ever since the first day they met. To her, the sex they had was love-making and not a ritual.


And hence, the conflict. sigh. I could feel the frustration that came from Ana – she wanted badly for him to love her normally. Christian probably wanted to as well – but he was having great difficulty overcoming this obsession of his that has overtaken him nearly completely. Nearing the end after he had whipped her 6 times, he was really afraid of losing her but he still couldn’t let go of the dominant personality.

Choices choices.

I took pity on Christian in the movie – he was brought up in a dominant environment where he was being forced to become the submissive when he was very young, and hence the distorted views of sex and physical interaction. I really do hope that he will be brave and open up in the next sequel!

You might have guess that I did not read the books. In a way I was glad that I did not read the books. Belle was telling me that she found so many discrepancies and shortcomings in the movie.

I have my gripes too – and the main one, was the cutting off of the scenes. There were several scenes that were cut off abruptly, like half a second too early, before Ana could finish that last word for example. I was like – what the? Why so unpro? It was as though they needed to keep the film within that exact 126 minutes =_=

Oh well. I did not regret watching this anyway – but the seats at Shaw Balestier really very very old and stiff – I miss the cinemas in Bangkok so much!


3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Grey Movie – Afterthoughts (Spoiler Alert)

      • yanxi says:

        the books are very much more romantic and I think you’ll be able to understand the story better. if you think its weird, the more you should read books 2 and 3 before the sequels are out! haha

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