The Awkward Man waiting for the MRT

You see these men everyday at the MRT station platforms. The common streak among them – they don’t really look comfortable with themselves.

One of them may spot a big about-to-burst pimple on the nose. Giant red. What makes things worse is – their complexion is the fair and oily type.

Another may be wearing a shirt too tight for him, and plus the fact that his small belly is bulging isn’t helping at all.

Some guys are short – that’s a good enough reason to feel bad for most men. I can understand totally.

Some may look plain ashamed of themselves, as there seems to be better-looking guys around them. I take the Downtown Line everyday, so there are quite a number of good-looking Caucasians waiting to take train as well. So these awkward men, sadly, stand out even more.

I am not referring to just Singaporean Chinese men, although I do see a lot of them in this category (obviously la, I am in Singapore). Most of them are younger than me I believe, maybe mid to late twenties. A few of those awkward chaps are possibly older (some even married with their spouse taking MRT together with them) but still looking awkward and very uncomfortable with their own selves for some unknown reason.

As I think back to when I was younger, I remembered a phase where I was feeling a lack of confidence in myself. I get very nervous when I see eligible young men on public transport, and would seek to present my best in front of them. I guess I would have looked awkward too. I may have pulled my already-straight blouse to make it straighter.. or nudged my glasses upwards coz they kept slipping down my freaking flat nose. All these would have looked awkward!

Now? I seriously don’t care – I just hope to clinch a nice seat on the train and spend some personal me time with my Note 3 (going to change phone soon though ^_^). Handsome guys I do see quite a few, but instead of feeling awkward and nervous, I would admire them like antique vases at an art exhibition for maximum 5 seconds, before getting back to my Note 3.

It comes with age isn’t it… although I feel that these guys can do much better with some confidence instilled in them. It’s just:

1) A matter of practice to look confident and at ease – go watch some drama with confident guys in it. watch some youtube videos on social ettiquette. Free one what.

2) Maybe a change of wardrobe – flip some magazines and get some basic attire to look good at all times. Need not be expensive stuff. Bigger guys can go for darker colours to look smaller for example. Get a good bag and a good pair of shoes to stand out (in a good way now)!

3) And also a paradigm shift in their mindset to realize that they should just live life the way they want it and now how society wants it!


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