Focus = sanity

I just finished a 60 minute walk on the treadmill and I killed nearly 400 calories.


For the first time, I walked all the way, starting with a 8% inclined walk at 4.5km per hour.  Very manageable walk. After 20 min I increased the incline to 9%. Also okay. Then the remaining 20 min I was at 3% gradient but slightly faster speed at 5.5 km per hour.

I spent the first 30 min without music at all. Just letting my mind go blank. Anyway there was another lady in the gym with me. She must be wondering why I was just walking and not jogging. oh well.

After she left, I turned on some worship songs and continued to walk. It was a good time of just emptying my mind of the stress and focusing on the lyrics.

At the end of the 1 hour walk, I have these few thoughts that I would like to put on record:

1) I will start doing these 1 hour walks on every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. I won’t run, just walk. Walking is easy and allows me to focus on decluttering my mind. 60 min walk can clear 400 calories anyway – good enough.

2) Cast my burdens on Jesus, and focus on Him. It’s tiring having to carry burdens alone… Usually I will get my mental and emotional recharge during every Sunday service. But I have not been to church for the past few weeks due to CNY and elder girl falling sick. It’s no wonder I feel overwhelmed with worldly troubles.

If you aren’t a christian, you may not understand my 2nd point… I guess everyone has their way of recharging themselves. Some through exercise, some through smoking or drinking, some through listening to music. everyone’s way is different!


See you gym on Tuesday.


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