Team Dinner – Afterthoughts


My department held a welcome dinner for myself and another new colleague who started just this Monday. We went to this Mexican place at 15 Duxton Hill called Lucha Loco. Apparently it’s a super popular place – when we reached there at 645 pm, it was already packed with mostly expats!

It was my first time at Duxton Hill to be honest. Despite the fact that I am the only Singaporean in my department of 8, I felt more like a tourist than anything else lol.

I took only the above picture, which was some toastidas / toastitadas I think. Haha doesn’t matter – they tasted really good. But I still like Cafe Iguana though.. I am missing their jalapeño poppers and calamari already!

Drinks wise – I find Lucha Loco’s drinks too sweet for my liking. I had a classic margarita and a mojito. Cafe Iguana still better!

Anyway after dinner, we were going round the table answering questions that were posed to the entire group. We started off with a harmless “out of the countries you have traveled, which one is your favourite?”.

Then it moved on immediately to more exciting questions. Who’s your crush in office… how many boy friends/ girlfriends have you had before you got married.. have you got caught cheating before lol.

The last question was – when do you want to retire and what do you wanna do after you retire. Now that’s interesting..

And even I was surprised by my answer.

I want to do voluntary work/ missionary work. If I can, I also want to adopt orphans or sponsor children in poor countries. And take care of old folks in old folks homes.

I am not boasting about how kind or magnanimous I am.. coz I am truly surprised by how my heart feels towards this. Actually, if I have the time now, I will not hesitate to start doing voluntary work already,  especially for young children or old people.

Not sure if I will feel the same way half a year later…?  I should set reminder to ask myself then…


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