Using RIE Way (as much as I know how!) to Soothe a Nightmare

I am on my 3rd cup of coffee now. It has been a physically challenging 2 weeks for me as the elder girl was down with bacteria infection and I had to monitor her temperature for a good 3 days. And just as we thought she was well, she suddenly had mild fever again yesterday afternoon after coming back from school.

I started oiling her with lemon and lavender essential oil which act as fever reducers, from 7pm until 9pm which was her bedtime. Throughout the night her fever was gone and this morning she went to school.

So last night I slept at about 1130pm. Woke up at 1am, 230am and 4am to check on elder girl’s temperature. She slept with me so I just had to reach my hand to her forehead.

At 4am after checking her forehead, I popped over to my mum’s bedroom and slept with my toddler as my mum woke up to do the usual chores. I thought – yes it’s time for me to have a good 3 hour sleep until 7am!

But at 4am, my toddler started crying. It was a loud steady cry, and it started when her eyes were still closed. I think it was a bad dream. I remained in my sleeping position and watched her at first. Her cry became louder and I started soothing her with my hand coupled with a few murmurs just to assure her that I was with her.

I think it was quite bad, she got up and sat there crying. So I got up too and asked “Do you want me to give you a hug?” and I opened up my arms and extended them to her. She immediately responded and I picked her up and sat her down on my lap. She leaned on me while I gave her soothing rubs on her back and saying “I am here with you, not to worry.”

After a while, she seems to have quietened down a bit. I told her “After a while, I will put you down back to your bed. Lie on your pillow and go back to sleep. I will be here with you.”

I repeated this twice.

Then I said “Okay, I will put you down now. Go back to sleep, I will be here.”

I put her down on her bed and she rolled to her side and started hugging her pillow to sleep. There was a bit of tossing and turning as she tried to self soothe to sleep. I did help a little by patting her. Within 10 minutes she was in dreamland.

I was quite impressed at her cooperation.. as sometimes she would just cling onto me and refuse to lie down in bed.

Believe it or not, toddlers do understand even if we talk normally without trying to simplify with baby language!! It’s amazing coz I am quite sure she hasn’t learned many words but yet she still could seem to understand when I said I was going to put her back to bed!

I am still very new to RIE, so I am just focusing a lot on talking to her normally for now.. which is already showing really positive results 🙂



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