Songs I Grew Up With

If you grew up with me in the same era, these songs will get you either dancing or crying!

郭富城 – 我想偷偷对你说我爱你

The very first singer I really really liked was Aaron Kwok, one of the Four Heavenly Kings (the rest being Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Leon Lai). Since his very first album 对你爱不完 (year 1990 – gosh I was only 10),I was shipping him until he stopped singing regularly. At that time, I didn’t even bother listening to the other 3 Heavenly Kings – only Aaron was the best. hahaha.

This was the other song I really liked – a Cantonese one, not very well-played in Singapore but I find it really catchy 🙂

郭富城 - 國王的新歌


After Aaron Kwok, I started to like this chap called 孫耀威.

孫耀威 認識你真好

I remember that there was a close fight between 孫耀威 and 林志颖. It’s funny, all my friends then would like one and hate the other. Very angsty teenagers!


And as I grew older, I started listening to Eason Chan, who’s really a fantastic crooner – I love his so-stretchable voice!

This has to be my favourite song from Eason:

陳奕迅 – 全世界失眠

This song is so emo…. actually i find that his voice can really bring you up to the heavens (and vice versa..)!

Another one I love:

陳奕迅 – 好久不見

There are so many other songs from him that I adore!

Hmm I realised that I have been sharing guys’ songs.. well there are ladies I like also la, like Stefanie Sun, Sammi Cheng – but I learnt their songs mainly because I can sing them in KTV 😀

Nowadays I really cannot find any nice Chinese male singers leh. So I fell in love with Bruno Mars loh.

I have previously heard about him before, but never really googled him and check how he looked like. To me, he looks like this:

Because when I search iTunes, that was all I saw! Oh well.

Then one fine day when I was running on the treadmill and watching some MTVs to pass time, I came across this song of his:

I went “Hey this song has a nice beat that helps me jog better!”

So I went to buy his album on iTunes, which by the way, looks like:

Ok whatever. This isn’t helping me to like him more… coz I never get to see any good picture of his face!

The real deal came when one fine day, I started watching his live singing on Youtube.

Runaway Baby

His stage presence, his moves and that voice!

Ok u not convinced about the dance moves? Watch this:

Our First Time. I so badly want to watch him live IN THE FRONT ROW.


And his latest hit Uptown Funk did not fail me either. Watch the live version on The Ellen Show:

He’s so so so good.

Ok I think I am getting quite endless here.. but I still have Michael Buble to talk about. Ok maybe next post 😀


In Fond Remembrance of Mr Lee Kuan Yew

I was feeding the toddler yesterday evening as the rain poured fiercely over the island. I looked out the windows – it was all grey and the usual flats/ houses view before me had literally disappeared in the grey storm. Instead of being glad for the rain that dispersed the haze, an uneasy feeling came to me. Mr Lee Kuan Yew had not been well and all I could see on my Facebook feed for the past day or two about his condition was “…. has weakened further” and “…has worsened” – as if to prepare us to brace for the worst.

It was as though Heaven was crying for the huge impending loss. Yes, gloomy – perhaps it reflected my already-pensive mood caused by the news feeds.

I posted a picture of the storm on Facebook and commented that it felt like a premonition. A friend encouraged me to think positively and also my mum told me yesterday that there were some cases where there were very sick people who suddenly got well fully – this kind of people will have long life. “Hope Mr LKY will be one of such people!” she said.

I cheered up – did the usual Sunday things and ended the night with a nice hour-long yoga stretch. I was so tired that I fell asleep at the end on the mat.

At 4am, I went over to wake up my mum as usual and I slept on her bed beside toddler. I said a simple prayer “God bless me with another 3 hours of undisturbed sleep!”

God had other plans apparently.

At 430am, my mum came in, tapped on my arm and told me “LKY passed away already”. At that time I was seriously knocked out. I went “ok” and went back to lalaland immediately.

At 5am, hubby came in, tapped on my arm and told me “LKY just passed on”. And off he went to work.

AND I STILL WENT BACK TO SLEEP. I am in such horror now at my love for sleep.

I finally woke up at 710am to prepare for work. Still in a slumber, I washed up, changed and started to feel the gravity of the news as I scrolled through the News Feed on Facebook. As I walked to the bus stop, I felt like crying already.

I peeked at the other passengers on the bus . Somehow I had this feeling that many of them were feeling the same way as me too. On the MRT, a lady spotted me tearing and wiping my tears – and I think her eyes went red too. It seemed strangely surreal that the whole nation of Singapore, the country I dearly love, is actually mourning for our founding father. And all the more I felt like crying.

I had to play Candy Crush on the train (something that I don’t usually play) in order to stop my tears from flowing.

I got better when I arrived at work – my teammates were all not locals so I guess that helps a little.


In my growing up years, Singapore was already progressing quite well and I was able to live and sleep in peace through out my lifetime. Although I was too young to understand the impact that Mr LKY had made then, I am now able to see the huge good he has done.

The policies he made, the seemingly tough rules he imposed, the hard words of wisdom he gave – were all small parts of the jigsaw puzzle that makes up the Singapore we see now.

I am honestly not sure about the details of the policies/ rules/ words of wisdom but apparently many people were not happy with what he did (for whatever reason) and that’s why we have different opposition parties now. Shall not delve into that senseless topic again. Summary of my point is – he has done what is good for Singapore, a country I love dearly.

We may not understand why a certain policy is made or why a certain rule is passed – but the policy makers know how it fits into the big picture and we simply have to trust them. And I trust my nation’s policy makers because they have led us well thus far.

I don’t remember if I have met him personally or even shook his hand – I may have but my Dory memory will never serve me well. What holds true is how I feel towards him. He seems as close as a grandfather to me. Maybe.. coz both my grandfathers passed on when I was very very young. We could never thank him enough for the life we have now. 

Mr Lee, thank you thank you thank you. Thank God for you. Thank God for your life you gave to my country. Thank God for your fierce loyalty and stubborn love for the nation despite the difficulties.

Morton’s Steakhouse Singapore (Food Review)

Hubby had his very old wish come true last night when I gave him a birthday treat at Morton’s, any steak lover’s ultimate destination. I made a reservation a few weeks ago and indicated that it was hubby’s birthday dinner. And yesterday during lunch, I received a call from Morton’s confirming my reservation and I was also told that there would be a 2nd seating at 830pm hence if we wish to stay after 830pm, we could adjourn to the bar.

Hubby reached there first at about 615pm and got seated first. I took the train to Promenade MRT after work from Downtown MRT. I totally regretted the decision…

I had to climb (yes I was running late so I climbed) 3 long flights of escalators, walk down the entire stretch of Millenia Walk, climb up the Link Bridge to Marina Square, got lost a little inside there before finally spotting the tiny door that led to ANOTHER 3 FLIGHTS OF STAIR to the hotel lobby.

Of coz the gruelling walk did not spoil my mood. I reached Morton’s feeling very well-exercised and all ready to devour a cow 🙂

It was my first time to Morton’s and I was quickly ushered to the table where hubby was seated by a friendly hostess. We had a corner 2 pax face to face table and hubby was telling me perhaps we could try to get those semi circle booth seats. There were a stretch of those semi circle booth seats, and couples were seated side by side facing the main dining area.

I observed those couples in the booth seats.. they were all Chinese. They were either looking very engrossed in their phones, or just looking into blank space waiting for their food. So I replied,

“u know, these seats are probably more suited for couples who would gaze into each other’s eyes, gently touch each other’s faces and whisper sweet nothings to each other. I would imagine Americans or Europeans doing that but u see these couples there.. They look like they are watching some tv.”

He he he. Was I mean? 🙂

Anyway we were comfortable where we were – and check out the personalised menu!


I seriously did not see this. Hubby told me to look at the menu once I reached and I went immediately to where the steaks were lolol. He had to literally point this section to me and I went “oh wow!!”

It was really sweet. His name was on the menu!

Hubby ordered a medium center cut prime rib eye,  I ordered a small filet mignon. Then we ordered parmesan and truffle matchstick fries and a side of spinach and button mushrooms to share.

For drinks, we both had a round of their humongous Lycheetini.

It was really dim inside so I did not take many pics.0


Once I reached, the attentive bread runner served us with this huge round loaf of their onion bread. It was hot and very yummy. We couldn’t finish it!

The food came pretty quickly. Both steaks were really well-executed and hubby’s 16oz rib eye was BIG. He couldn’t finish it and gave a bit to me. Thankfully my filet was just 6oz.


I love the atmosphere – cosy and we were literally in our own world.


I loved the Lycheetini – it was bigger than the usual martini size. They added more liquor according to the size. Just nice!


Haha this was taken from a high angle so my face looked small. But it made me very happy lol!

Hubby noted that for the size and quality of the food there, it’s actually not that expensive. Morton’s 16oz rib eye ($100) is actually 450grams, equivalent to 2 standard rib eyes you get outside at any other restaurant. It’s actually quite okay! And their truffle fries ($24) – so much lor! We couldn’t finish it, so sad. They were really tasty.

We ordered a hot chocolate lava cake to share and it came 30 minutes later!


With a birthday candle. Many tables last night had birthdays too, guess Morton’s is a great place for special occasions haha.


The hostess helped us take a nice picture and she also took a couple of pictures using her camera! I like the background which showed the entire dining area.


And at the end of the dinner, we were presented with this lovely card containing our photo and some handwritten words 🙂 a very nice momento! Hubby looked so red after half a glass of that Lycheetini haha.

There was really nothing to complain about Morton’s. Everything was done beautifully!

Fifty Shades of Grey Movie – Afterthoughts (Spoiler Alert)

I read somewhere that Jamie Dornan mentioned about having no chemistry with his co-star Dakota Johnson.

I think it may be true, after watching the movie a few days ago with Hubby.

Hmm, maybe the storyline did accommodate for the ‘no-chemistry’ factor as well, because it speaks about 2 strangers, who barely knew each other, coming into such a… confusing relationship. It was obvious that Ana likes Christian, but for Christian, my guess is that he likes Ana, it was his first time truly liking somebody, and he did not know how to handle it. Coz to him, his whole life consisted of performing dominant acts with females – plain physical stuff and nothing else. This time round with the playful and cute Ana (I really do like the way she talks breathlessly and also her naturally girly demeanor), Christian found himself breaking rules such as bringing her for dates, dancing with her etc. I really did enjoy the parts where they interacted with each other with clothes on.


On the other hand, the sexual components were quite… sober and from the scenes, I could feel that there was no emotions at play for Christian and it was purely a ritual to him – a ritual that brings about ‘satisfaction’. He took pleasure in every detail – the intricate red room, the neat displays of toys and the way he was tying her/ positioning her. As for Ana, it was clear that she was in love with Christian, the first guy who made her heart flutter ever since the first day they met. To her, the sex they had was love-making and not a ritual.


And hence, the conflict. sigh. I could feel the frustration that came from Ana – she wanted badly for him to love her normally. Christian probably wanted to as well – but he was having great difficulty overcoming this obsession of his that has overtaken him nearly completely. Nearing the end after he had whipped her 6 times, he was really afraid of losing her but he still couldn’t let go of the dominant personality.

Choices choices.

I took pity on Christian in the movie – he was brought up in a dominant environment where he was being forced to become the submissive when he was very young, and hence the distorted views of sex and physical interaction. I really do hope that he will be brave and open up in the next sequel!

You might have guess that I did not read the books. In a way I was glad that I did not read the books. Belle was telling me that she found so many discrepancies and shortcomings in the movie.

I have my gripes too – and the main one, was the cutting off of the scenes. There were several scenes that were cut off abruptly, like half a second too early, before Ana could finish that last word for example. I was like – what the? Why so unpro? It was as though they needed to keep the film within that exact 126 minutes =_=

Oh well. I did not regret watching this anyway – but the seats at Shaw Balestier really very very old and stiff – I miss the cinemas in Bangkok so much!

The Awkward Man waiting for the MRT

You see these men everyday at the MRT station platforms. The common streak among them – they don’t really look comfortable with themselves.

One of them may spot a big about-to-burst pimple on the nose. Giant red. What makes things worse is – their complexion is the fair and oily type.

Another may be wearing a shirt too tight for him, and plus the fact that his small belly is bulging isn’t helping at all.

Some guys are short – that’s a good enough reason to feel bad for most men. I can understand totally.

Some may look plain ashamed of themselves, as there seems to be better-looking guys around them. I take the Downtown Line everyday, so there are quite a number of good-looking Caucasians waiting to take train as well. So these awkward men, sadly, stand out even more.

I am not referring to just Singaporean Chinese men, although I do see a lot of them in this category (obviously la, I am in Singapore). Most of them are younger than me I believe, maybe mid to late twenties. A few of those awkward chaps are possibly older (some even married with their spouse taking MRT together with them) but still looking awkward and very uncomfortable with their own selves for some unknown reason.

As I think back to when I was younger, I remembered a phase where I was feeling a lack of confidence in myself. I get very nervous when I see eligible young men on public transport, and would seek to present my best in front of them. I guess I would have looked awkward too. I may have pulled my already-straight blouse to make it straighter.. or nudged my glasses upwards coz they kept slipping down my freaking flat nose. All these would have looked awkward!

Now? I seriously don’t care – I just hope to clinch a nice seat on the train and spend some personal me time with my Note 3 (going to change phone soon though ^_^). Handsome guys I do see quite a few, but instead of feeling awkward and nervous, I would admire them like antique vases at an art exhibition for maximum 5 seconds, before getting back to my Note 3.

It comes with age isn’t it… although I feel that these guys can do much better with some confidence instilled in them. It’s just:

1) A matter of practice to look confident and at ease – go watch some drama with confident guys in it. watch some youtube videos on social ettiquette. Free one what.

2) Maybe a change of wardrobe – flip some magazines and get some basic attire to look good at all times. Need not be expensive stuff. Bigger guys can go for darker colours to look smaller for example. Get a good bag and a good pair of shoes to stand out (in a good way now)!

3) And also a paradigm shift in their mindset to realize that they should just live life the way they want it and now how society wants it!

Focus = sanity

I just finished a 60 minute walk on the treadmill and I killed nearly 400 calories.


For the first time, I walked all the way, starting with a 8% inclined walk at 4.5km per hour.  Very manageable walk. After 20 min I increased the incline to 9%. Also okay. Then the remaining 20 min I was at 3% gradient but slightly faster speed at 5.5 km per hour.

I spent the first 30 min without music at all. Just letting my mind go blank. Anyway there was another lady in the gym with me. She must be wondering why I was just walking and not jogging. oh well.

After she left, I turned on some worship songs and continued to walk. It was a good time of just emptying my mind of the stress and focusing on the lyrics.

At the end of the 1 hour walk, I have these few thoughts that I would like to put on record:

1) I will start doing these 1 hour walks on every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. I won’t run, just walk. Walking is easy and allows me to focus on decluttering my mind. 60 min walk can clear 400 calories anyway – good enough.

2) Cast my burdens on Jesus, and focus on Him. It’s tiring having to carry burdens alone… Usually I will get my mental and emotional recharge during every Sunday service. But I have not been to church for the past few weeks due to CNY and elder girl falling sick. It’s no wonder I feel overwhelmed with worldly troubles.

If you aren’t a christian, you may not understand my 2nd point… I guess everyone has their way of recharging themselves. Some through exercise, some through smoking or drinking, some through listening to music. everyone’s way is different!


See you gym on Tuesday.

Team Dinner – Afterthoughts


My department held a welcome dinner for myself and another new colleague who started just this Monday. We went to this Mexican place at 15 Duxton Hill called Lucha Loco. Apparently it’s a super popular place – when we reached there at 645 pm, it was already packed with mostly expats!

It was my first time at Duxton Hill to be honest. Despite the fact that I am the only Singaporean in my department of 8, I felt more like a tourist than anything else lol.

I took only the above picture, which was some toastidas / toastitadas I think. Haha doesn’t matter – they tasted really good. But I still like Cafe Iguana though.. I am missing their jalapeño poppers and calamari already!

Drinks wise – I find Lucha Loco’s drinks too sweet for my liking. I had a classic margarita and a mojito. Cafe Iguana still better!

Anyway after dinner, we were going round the table answering questions that were posed to the entire group. We started off with a harmless “out of the countries you have traveled, which one is your favourite?”.

Then it moved on immediately to more exciting questions. Who’s your crush in office… how many boy friends/ girlfriends have you had before you got married.. have you got caught cheating before lol.

The last question was – when do you want to retire and what do you wanna do after you retire. Now that’s interesting..

And even I was surprised by my answer.

I want to do voluntary work/ missionary work. If I can, I also want to adopt orphans or sponsor children in poor countries. And take care of old folks in old folks homes.

I am not boasting about how kind or magnanimous I am.. coz I am truly surprised by how my heart feels towards this. Actually, if I have the time now, I will not hesitate to start doing voluntary work already,  especially for young children or old people.

Not sure if I will feel the same way half a year later…?  I should set reminder to ask myself then…