It seems like such a long time since I blogged…. when my last post was just January.. about 1.5 months ago.

I’m not about to restart blogging again, although a friend just messaged me a few hours earlier and told me that my blog popped up in her search results when she googled Shokudo Kallang Wave haha. And she even said that I write interestingly and I should continue! Coming from her (she’s a school teacher with background in law), it was really a nice compliment.

maybe that’s why I am writing this post now hahaha.

And also because I just dropped a few tears and feel like ranting.

God has been really good to me. I have lots to give thanks for. So maybe I shouldn’t focus on the bad stuff. But I’m just feeling so stretched lately.

Physically I’m tired and probably that’s why I am feeling so emo now. My bad back hasn’t recovered 100% and I still ache whenever I change diapers. I haven attended my Energy Sculpt or Kickboxing classes since God knows when. Wanted to go tonight but my girl fell sick last night. Your body really becomes weaker if you don’t exercise!

Maybe I restart blogging.. seriously… but I don’t really eat out any more leh. Blog about what??