Indefinite Pause – so I can truly bless!

As 2014 reached a close a few days ago, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate one and all for surviving 2014 courageously! Give yourself a pat on the back, and spend some time giving thanks 🙂

I am sure glad it’s 2015 now, for 2014 was not a particularly nice year for me – more bad than good. But of course along with it, I learnt new things and I hope to bring a more mature character into this new year.

I realized that 2014 was filled with lots of struggling due to lack of time to do the 1000001 things I have on my plate. It was really tough – I ended up getting resentful and bitter because I did a bit of everything but I did not do it well.

So, I have decided to stop writing.

I believe the more important task for me at hand is to bless my kids (as opposed to blessing my readers?) with love and joy. To be with them through their growing journey, to celebrate their every milestone, to laugh at their antics and to hug at every chance.

Like last night when I was checking on my sleeping toddler, she suddenly shouted in her sleep “TORTOISE TORTOISE!” which got me into a laughing fit. Yes, she was just playing with her tortoise soft toy last evening – love/hate relationship I would say – she will kiss and hug it, only to fling it away after that. Then she will repeat the process again and again. I think that tortoise transformed into a giant in her dream and started kissing her too.

As a full time working mum, I really do not have much time with my loved ones. And just yesterday, I sent my helper back so I am now officially without a FDW aka I need to do household chores. Essentially I only have my weekday evenings and weekends with loved ones. I have been neglecting my friendships totally for the past years too – sigh. I used to meet friends regularly for meals and catch-ups – now we just read one another’s posts on Facebook/ Instagram – what kind of friendship do you call that – is it even friendship?!

I can actually still blog when I have time, but I find it pointless to maintain a blog where posts are sparse and irregular, hence I decided to stop totally. I will just update my Facebook and Instagram – you can follow me to get my updates and food pics.

I hope that in the new year, I will seize whatever opportunities I have to:

  1. Bless my God with praise, worship and thanksgiving
  2. Bless my loved ones
  3. Bless my friends and neighbours
  4. Bless my colleagues
  5. Bless anyone whom I can bless

If you think about it, having a presence online is just a form of self-glorification. Having a presence in peoples’ lives is definitely more meaningful 🙂