iHerb.com – Best Price for my Make Up and Supplements!

I buy from iHerb more than I buy dresses online – that’s how much I love iHerb XD

Just to share my most recent buys that just arrived early this week!


I have been using e.l.f. Translucent Mattifying Powder for months now – it’s very compact and good for touching up. My face also stays matte for a good amount of time. and it’s only USD3.00!

This time round I also bought their Kabuki brush and also their Mineral Foundation (loose powder type) – as a finishing to my Odbo BB cream base when I use it on some weekends.

On the bottom left – that’s the free gift! I THINK it’s an opener for.. snack packets?


My elder girl has been eating these as well – for such supplements it’s hard to see whether there’s improvement or not.. But I like the brand Childlife (since GNC carrys it) and iHerb has the best price 🙂


Sweet potato puffs for my toddler – best price at iHerb too – cheaper than NTUC!



Almond milk for my own consumption – I now take it with rolled oats (I bought a huge packet some time ago, now trying to finish them =_=). They are also a good liquid for my protein powder too.


And lastly, Sambucol for the whole family! literally – my whole family takes it 🙂

I was just looking through my order history and i realised that I order from iHerb very regularly (although I don’t really keep track)..


These are just the most recent 10 orders – I’ve bought from them 15 times in total!



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