Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre

This will be a pretty short post as I took just a few food pics. Didn’t plan on blogging about this actually… but.. I think they are worth a note!

Thursday night my company (soon to be ex – company) headed to Cafe Melba for our dinner after a visit to old folks home during noon time and a bowling session in the late afternoon. We arrived 15 minutes before 6 and were  greeted by friendly waiters and the boss herself, a pretty Caucasian lady.

We sat outside at the alfresco for drinks. They have a nice huge bench for bigger parties and about 12 of us sat nicely around it. The weather was breezy and cloudy.

I ordered a strawberry margarita first.


It turned out to be quite bad.. It tasted very diluted – I really wasn’t sure what I was drinking. Guess their bartender isn’t very good? My colleague ordered a margarita on the rocks and the staff came back telling her that the bartender wasn’t sure what she wanted..

Honest answer though.

Anyway I managed to finish half of it and ordered a classic mojito next..


Yeah much better! This pic was taken inside when we went in and sat down for dinner. Yes my 3rd glass was white wine πŸ˜‰

The service was okay.. The guys were energetic and patient even though it was quite a busy night for the restaurant. The ambience gets really nice at night, with soft music playing in the background and you can see the pizza chefs baking pizzas in the open oven.

Now, what I wanna talk about, is the pizzas.


They are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’ve tried the ones at MBS Mozza and they aren’t even close. As you can see, the toppings were so generous! Parma ham on sale baby!
The crust is thin and filled with cheese, each bite oozing with flavour and oomph.


I have to take another pic even though it looks about the same haha.  The rest of my colleagues were snapping away too!


This is another killer pizza – 4 cheese!

Looks more plain than the first one, but it tasted just as good. It was so thin that you could fold each piece into half and eat it in a mouthful.


For my main course, I ordered chicken parmagiana. It’s breaded chicken with melted mozzarella cheese. Oh and I changed my side to truffle fries too.


It was not bad – not as impressive as their pizzas – but portion was big! I had a really hard time finishing it. For your info, I can be quite a glutton when eating on occasion. If I cannot finish,  it means the portion is humongous!

We also had desserts – waffles, tiramisu, lava cake. They were okay la.. still not as impressive as the pizzas!

I miss them pizzas already. Would like to visit again very soon with hubby!


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