GoNuts! Nut Butters – Healthy Home-made Spreads for the Family!

I personally do not eat spreads for one simple reason – they are usually filled with high sugar/ salt content. The only occasion where I eat spreads is when I am being served bread in a restaurant with some salted butter. Other than that I do not buy them for consumption.

I am no expert, but ‘hydrogenated’ tells me that this ingredient is not natural. Sugar and salt are also processed ingredients.

This is even worse – “modified”…”reduced”… “artificial”!!!

Yes I can be anal if I want to.

To be honest, it’s not easy to stay 100% natural in our food choices. I sometimes eat up the leftover Duke Bakery bread which the family cannot finish. I sometimes drink a hot cup of instant oat cereal in the office coz it’s simply too cold. It’s really not easy to eat like a caveman in our modern society where processed food rules the supermarket and we sometimes are unable to tell whether an item is processed or  not even!

But we really should try to eat the best we can – because food is where we get our energy and we should get optimal energy without having to suffer from any potential side effects the food may bring. I jus read from my Facebook wall – my friend wrote “we should eat to live, and not live to eat”.

Eat to Live –> longevity and optimal health

Live to Eat –> you may still be healthy and normal – but you will never know how much more alive and gorgeous you will feel UNLESS you start eating right. Also, you may still live to 70 if you live to eat. But you probably will live 10 years longer if you start eating right!

Everytime we eat, we are depositing either good or bad stuff into our body. You gotta decide for yourself. *reminder to MYSELF too*


About GoNuts! Nut Butters


GoNuts! is founded by a lovely couple who have the same beliefs as me in eating clean. Check out their Facebook Page too!

I managed to connect with Michael who passed me some samples of their nut butters to review 2 weeks ago. I went into their website and checked out the ingredients that are inside those butters:



See for yourself – don’t these ingredients just tell you how healthy these butters are, compared to the ones above?



Thank you GoNuts! for giving me a chance to try your products 🙂

The 4 butters I tried – Honey Hazelnut, Classic Macadamia, Cocoa Hazelnut, Cashew Ginger



Cashew goes very nicely with ginger to give a nutty savoury smell. When you eat it, you definitely can taste the ginger!


This was the first butter I tried coz I like anything with honey in it! You still can see tiny hazelnut bits (I don’t mind it at all, gives a crunchy bite!) and the natural sweetness of the honey is not too overpowering too. Very well-balanced.


This was the 2nd butter I tried coz I like anything with cocoa too ahahah. This was rich and satisfying – think Nutella without the horrid sugar!


This was the last one I tried (coz it sounds more boring than the rest haha) BUT this was the one I eventually like the most! This butter is savoury and maybe because I like macadamias (tell me who doesn’t!) so it is so yummy! It’s perfect with ANYTHING!!!



If you are someone who is practising the caveman diet i.e. no grains, these nut butters are a great addition to your smoothies. You can add nut butter into your blend of almond milk and a banana. As a dip, they go great with fruits such as sliced apples/ pears/ bananas too.

If you are someone who is just eating clean and are okay with eating grains, then you have a lot more stuff you can eat the nut butter with.. spread it over bread, crackers!

Here’s what I did!


Honey hazelnut with my rolled oats and almond milk.


And this was with classic macadamia!

It’s such a good feeling to know that you are eating clean and not putting nonsense into your body! If you are interested, do give them a buzz at GoNutsSg@gmail.com!


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