iHerb.com – Best Price for my Make Up and Supplements!

I buy from iHerb more than I buy dresses online – that’s how much I love iHerb XD

Just to share my most recent buys that just arrived early this week!


I have been using e.l.f. Translucent Mattifying Powder for months now – it’s very compact and good for touching up. My face also stays matte for a good amount of time. and it’s only USD3.00!

This time round I also bought their Kabuki brush and also their Mineral Foundation (loose powder type) – as a finishing to my Odbo BB cream base when I use it on some weekends.

On the bottom left – that’s the free gift! I THINK it’s an opener for.. snack packets?


My elder girl has been eating these as well – for such supplements it’s hard to see whether there’s improvement or not.. But I like the brand Childlife (since GNC carrys it) and iHerb has the best price ๐Ÿ™‚


Sweet potato puffs for my toddler – best price at iHerb too – cheaper than NTUC!



Almond milk for my own consumption – I now take it with rolled oats (I bought a huge packet some time ago, now trying to finish them =_=). They are also a good liquid for my protein powder too.


And lastly, Sambucol for the whole family! literally – my whole family takes it ๐Ÿ™‚

I was just looking through my order history and i realised that I order from iHerb very regularly (although I don’t really keep track)..


These are just the most recent 10 orders – I’ve bought from them 15 times in total!



Cafe Melba at Goodman Arts Centre

This will be a pretty short post as I took just a few food pics. Didn’t plan on blogging about this actually… but.. I think they are worth a note!

Thursday night my company (soon to be ex – company) headed to Cafe Melba for our dinner after a visit to old folks home during noon time and a bowling session in the late afternoon. We arrived 15 minutes before 6 and were  greeted by friendly waiters and the boss herself, a pretty Caucasian lady.

We sat outside at the alfresco for drinks. They have a nice huge bench for bigger parties and about 12 of us sat nicely around it. The weather was breezy and cloudy.

I ordered a strawberry margarita first.


It turned out to be quite bad.. It tasted very diluted – I really wasn’t sure what I was drinking. Guess their bartender isn’t very good? My colleague ordered a margarita on the rocks and the staff came back telling her that the bartender wasn’t sure what she wanted..

Honest answer though.

Anyway I managed to finish half of it and ordered a classic mojito next..


Yeah much better! This pic was taken inside when we went in and sat down for dinner. Yes my 3rd glass was white wine ๐Ÿ˜‰

The service was okay.. The guys were energetic and patient even though it was quite a busy night for the restaurant. The ambience gets really nice at night, with soft music playing in the background and you can see the pizza chefs baking pizzas in the open oven.

Now, what I wanna talk about, is the pizzas.


They are the best I’ve ever tasted. I’ve tried the ones at MBS Mozza and they aren’t even close. As you can see, the toppings were so generous! Parma ham on sale baby!
The crust is thin and filled with cheese, each bite oozing with flavour and oomph.


I have to take another pic even though it looks about the same haha.  The rest of my colleagues were snapping away too!


This is another killer pizza – 4 cheese!

Looks more plain than the first one, but it tasted just as good. It was so thin that you could fold each piece into half and eat it in a mouthful.


For my main course, I ordered chicken parmagiana. It’s breaded chicken with melted mozzarella cheese. Oh and I changed my side to truffle fries too.


It was not bad – not as impressive as their pizzas – but portion was big! I had a really hard time finishing it. For your info, I can be quite a glutton when eating on occasion. If I cannot finish,  it means the portion is humongous!

We also had desserts – waffles, tiramisu, lava cake. They were okay la.. still not as impressive as the pizzas!

I miss them pizzas already. Would like to visit again very soon with hubby!

GoNuts! Nut Butters – Healthy Home-made Spreads for the Family!

I personally do not eat spreads for one simple reason – they are usually filled with high sugar/ salt content. The only occasion where I eat spreads is when I am being served bread in a restaurant with some salted butter. Other than that I do not buy them for consumption.

I am no expert, but ‘hydrogenated’ tells me that this ingredient is not natural. Sugar and salt are also processed ingredients.

This is even worse – “modified”…”reduced”… “artificial”!!!

Yes I can be anal if I want to.

To be honest, it’s not easy to stay 100% natural in our food choices. I sometimes eat up the leftover Duke Bakery bread which the family cannot finish. I sometimes drink a hot cup of instant oat cereal in the office coz it’s simply too cold. It’s really not easy to eat like a caveman in our modern society where processed food rules the supermarket and we sometimes are unable to tell whether an item is processed or ย not even!

But we really should try to eat the best we can – because food is where we get our energy and we should get optimal energy without having to suffer from any potential side effects the food may bring. I jus read from my Facebook wall – my friend wrote “we should eat to live, and not live to eat”.

Eat to Live –> longevity and optimal health

Live to Eat –> you may still be healthy and normal – but you will never know how much more alive and gorgeous you will feel UNLESS you start eating right. Also, you may still live to 70 if you live to eat. But you probably will live 10 years longer if you start eating right!

Everytime we eat, we are depositing either good or bad stuff into our body. You gotta decide for yourself. *reminder to MYSELF too*


About GoNuts! Nut Butters


GoNuts! is founded by a lovely couple who have the same beliefs as me in eating clean. Check out their Facebook Page too!

I managed to connect with Michael who passed me some samples of their nut butters to reviewย 2 weeks ago. I went into their website and checked out the ingredients that are inside those butters:



See for yourself – don’t these ingredients just tell you how healthy these butters are, compared to the ones above?



Thank you GoNuts! for giving me a chance to try your products ๐Ÿ™‚

The 4 butters I tried – Honey Hazelnut, Classic Macadamia, Cocoa Hazelnut, Cashew Ginger



Cashew goes very nicely with ginger to give a nutty savoury smell. When you eat it, you definitely can taste the ginger!


This was the first butter I tried coz I like anything with honey in it! You still can see tiny hazelnut bits (I don’t mind it at all, gives a crunchy bite!) and the natural sweetness of the honey is not too overpowering too. Very well-balanced.


This was the 2nd butter I tried coz I like anything with cocoa too ahahah. This was rich and satisfying – think Nutella without the horrid sugar!


This was the last one I tried (coz it sounds more boring than the rest haha) BUT this was the one I eventually like the most! This butter is savoury and maybe because I like macadamias (tell me who doesn’t!) so it is so yummy! It’s perfect with ANYTHING!!!



If you are someone who is practising the caveman diet i.e. no grains, these nut butters are a great addition to your smoothies. You can add nut butter into your blend of almond milk and a banana. As a dip, they go great with fruits such as sliced apples/ pears/ bananas too.

If you are someone who is just eating clean and are okay with eating grains, then you have a lot more stuff you can eat the nut butter with.. spread it over bread, crackers!

Here’s what I did!


Honey hazelnut with my rolled oats and almond milk.


And this was with classic macadamia!

It’s such a good feeling to know that you are eating clean and not putting nonsense into your body! If you are interested, do give them a buzz atย GoNutsSg@gmail.com!


This is such a crazyย belated post! Hubby and I stayed at Sofitel So Singapore exactly a month ago on 17 November 2014 (aka my birthday) using our free night stay with the Accor Group Le Club membership. We decided to try out Sofitel since it was spanking new (equals to clean, nothing mouldy, no creepy crawlies etc ahahah).

The day before, we had stayed at Novotel Clarke Quay already, so we made our way to Sofitel by train. It was strange to be walking along Robinson Road on a Monday in my summer dress with a bouquet of birthday flowers while the rest are clad in office attire lol.

We reached just in time before the rain started to pour – phew.


It was indeed a spanking new hotel indeed. Everything was MINT. It was a hotel filled with eclectic pieces, some sections chic, others woody. Even so, it gave a ‘designer’ feel.


I used to have a phobia of such rotating doors. I was worried that I would not be fast enough for them. =_=


Hubby at the reception checking in. I decided to snap a few pics while waiting.


I don’t mind having this at my home.


Their small restaurant, pretty quiet as it was after lunch hours.


Purple candles with black candle stand! I so wanna lug this home too.

Check in was quick, and we proceeded to our room on the 2nd level.



We were greeted by this lovely sight once we exited from the lift. All their sofas are damn nice can!


They have different wings and we are at the hip wing. Their gym is at the same level too.


The whole hotel is decked in romantic-style lighting.


Tada – our ‘hip’ lodging for the night.


Spot the difference XD


They have this awesome huge ceiling light that mimics natural lighting from a supposedly glass roof!!!!


And hubby was very impressed with their room telephone – which is an iPhone!

Our room has no view. Right opposite is SGX Centre and you can see many people smoking downstairs. Kinda shiok la actually, they are dreading their workday and here we are enjoying the hotel stay.


Study table with a miniature Eiffel Tower. And see that little box-like thing with the black/ red cover? It houses all the phone cables for you to charge your phone.



I love every single piece in this picture.


A very hip see-through shower facility. Even their shower curtain is so chio.


Again, loving the drawers and the mirror top *drools*


I simply have to show you their iPad… This is where we can control EVERYTHING in the room. From the air-con to the lights to the curtains. Very cool!



Very small pantry but it was totally complimentary!


Chest of drawers filled with hot drinks sachets.


Yup all free – drink up!


This has to be my favourite piece in the room – the gorgeous carpet.

Basically we hid in the room most of the time except during the evening when we walked to M Hotel for dinner. Service was good – nothing to complain about. The hotel staff are smiley and ready to offer their service anytime. I would say that this hotel is the prettiest I’ve ever seen!





Angus House at Takashimaya + Gucci Spree

A few days ago I realised that I had difficulty closing my LV wallet. A closer look revealed that the button clasp is spoilt!ย 

I told hubby and he went “Finally eh?”

For 8.5 years I felt almost imprisoned by this wallet. Coz it never seemed to spoil! Canvas is really lasting man. Trust me, I don’t even take care of it. It was used roughly and it still looks damn good. I also liked the fact that it could contain everything (good for dory me) and I didn’t need to bring an extra card holder or coin purse.

So, I went on a hunt for a new wallet! Finally decided to get one from Gucci after maybe 2 days of browsing online. I was very tempted to get a Chanel Camellia long wallet you know..


This one. I love love love the floral design!

But…. The zip for the coin compartment inside is PLASTIC.

I dunno about you,ย  but I find plastic zips extremely disturbing. I cannot pay sgd1300 for this chanel wallet with a plastic zip.

I browsed through other Chanel wallets – nearly all of them have plastic zips leh! I’m stupefied.

So I saw this gucci wallet that had a metallic zip!


Ok la, maybe get this,ย  I thought.

So the next day hubby and I went Takashimaya after work to get my wallet. But not before going for dinner first coz we were super hungry ๐Ÿ™‚

Naturally we went Angus House coz hubby missed the rib eye.


I thought the tree didn’t quite match the restaurant interior..


We were there at about 6 so it was still pretty empty.


I personally find the prices for their beef quite high, and I’m not such a lover for steak anyway.. so I decided to go for their beef pot pie. Hubby had a 250g rib eye. We both topped up 12 bucks for the complete meal.


One thing good about this place is, once you step in, they ask you if you want cold water or warm water.

Instead of “still or sparkling sir?”

You get my drift.


Appetizer was some grilled fish with a broccoli bed. Oh topped with some caviar too. Nice ๐Ÿ™‚ both of us gobbled it up within 2 minutes coz we were famished haha.


Their warm, soft and fluffy bread which I couldn’t get enough of. The outside was crispy fyi.


Clam chowder soup with many clams inside. Again very comforting as the weather was cold and wet that day.


Hubby’s rib eye! I was telling hubby the fact that he had a good steak the first time here doesn’t mean this time will be good too.

But tada – he was not disappointed. It was still good la!


And my beef pot pie came looking rather silly. Hahaha. Don’t u think it looks like a spaceship??


Better view of the dome. I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!


The crust was so thin it broke through easily, revealing a bowl full of beef stew.

I dumped the crust all inside the stew to soak it wet. The gravy was quite salty I thought (it will be very salty for others in general coz i’m someone who can take salt v well). The portion of beef was very generous and they were tender and flavourful. I was totally stuffed when I was done. It was really a big dinner.

We could choose between 3 desserts – tiramisu, peppermint mousse and mango sorbet. I got the peppermint mousse in the form of a cake. Was quite disappointed coz the staff did not mention it was a cake. Oh well.


Hubby’s tiramisu was beautiful though! Very rich and chocolatey ๐Ÿ™‚

Bill was about $144 in total. Service was quite okay in my opinion – I tend to be a lot more forgiving than hubby. When the waiter gave him the dessert choices in 1 straight sentence without any space in between, hubby immediately shot back “wow your dessert name is very long.” Lol.

Water was refilled very promptly and our courses came very quickly too. I’ve got nothing to complain about really!

We were done at about 715 pm and we staggered down to Gucci with our big tummies.


Besides the wallet which I got, I also bought the bag on the right. It was on 30 percent sale and I’ve always liked their standard design (yes even more so than the lv monogram design).. couldn’t resist! After discount this was $837. Cheaper than my wallet which was $1040!

My wallet in dark brown. Totally looks like a big slab of dark chocolate don’t you think. It smells and feels very luxurious as all new leather wallets do.

This patent range is also on 30 percent discount too. Their flap wallet costs just $511 after discount leh. But it is very stiff and feels plastic too. And yes the zip is also plastic. =_=

Service at Gucci was very good. Zay was the lady who served us and she was very patient with the very indecisive me.

My buys. Thank you Financial Controller XD