Dim Sum Lunch at Wah Lok Carlton Hotel


It was a really nice restaurant with a gorgeous comfortable interior. They are supposedly good for their dim sum so my boss brought us here for lunch to celebrate my birthday!

By the way I did not edit the pictures at all. Lighting inside the restaurant was not too bad so pics turned out alright.


Bo Luo Bao. Piping hot,  soft and satisfying. You just wanna say “Ahh…” after a big bite of this. Just like good sex.


The skin of the bao was so unbelievably thin and the contents inside were simply spilling out.


This was some fusion dim sum dish, scallops in batter with chilli crab gravy. I must say that the gravy was the highlight!


Bean curd skin money bags.


Century egg porridge,  another comfort food item. We ordered one portion with pork and one without as one colleague doesn’t take meat.


Some prawn dim sum. The skin was again very thin and the contents were bursting with flavour and juice.


Har Gao,  steamed prawn dumplings. See the prawns inside. Just waiting to come out.


My half eaten fried scallop drenched in crab gravy.


Everything was tasty and so worth the calories!


Siew mai


And last dish was noodles which were very flavourful and satisfying 🙂

Wah Lok is indeed a notable restaurant for their dim sum. This whole year my family and I have been frequenting the Millenium Group hotels as we have their ala carte membership – so we have not been visiting other restaurants. I really ought to venture out in 2015!!


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