CocoRoselle Coconut Sugar – Healthy Sugar Alternative (Paleo friendly)

Eating correctly is THE  main solution to ensuring longevity and good health. Many people don’t realise that, simply because the benefits of eating correctly do not show themselves immediately. Likewise, if you eat junk food that’s filled with additives/ chemicals (i.e. NOT food), you will not see the immediate downsides. You will probably realise it ten twenty years later when you get diagnosed with cancer. By then it’s too late.

Ok I am being extreme I know. But you get what I mean right?

Yes, I can see you nodding your head. But in an hour or so, you will probably end up eating some processed food for lunch. *yawn*

OK anyway, today I wanna talk about this great sugar alternative that I received in my mail some time back!



Organic. Raw. Low GI. Healthy. SOUNDS GOOD.

Now, I am starting to prefer organic stuff.

Definition of “organic” –

“(of food or farming methods) produced or involving production without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or other artificial chemicals.”

Essentially, food grown using organic methods do not have chemicals. The fact that you don’t see pesticides on your vegetables does not mean that they aren’t present. You wash already – also does not mean that they are gone. I know, i sound very kia-see (scared to die) but if you think like a mum, you got young kids and all, the last thing you wanna do is to poison your loved ones slowly.

You can say “aiya our ah-ma ah-gong (grandma grandpa), mummy daddy have been eating these stuff and they are fine!”

It’s your personal decision ultimately – but I am starting to realise the gravity of such things. Maybe I am getting old.

And I will be one year older as of next Monday. LOL.


Check them out on social media!

I was very curious about how the sugar will look like so I poured it out on a piece of paper.


Looks yummy already. It’s really ‘sand-like’ as stated on the card!


Love this modern design. By the way, artificial sweetener isn’t food u know?


I was so sleepy this morning – kept waking up last night. So I made my second cuppa coffee at 11am and added CocoRoselle coconut sugar – my coffee turned out sweeter than usual (which I prefer actually) but it’s great knowing that this sugar is a healthy sugar alternative 🙂

I was just browsing their website – they don’t have a Singapore retailer currently, but do check out their online retailers and see if they ship to Singapore! Then you can also enjoy good sugar 🙂


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