Birthday – Random Thoughts

Birthdays are actually nothing more than yearly reminders of how much older you are getting. With the bird brain I have, I don’t even remember what happened on my birthday last year.

Oh I only remembered my elder girl giving me a soft toy cushion which she named “Creamy” coz it’s cream in colour.


Creamy and me in the office 🙂

Sorry hubby, I really don’t remember your presents – coz you give me several presents a year 😉 good reason hor!!

Anyway, this year, Hubby’s present to me is a 12-month Amore fitness package which I have already started using. And the two of us are going for a 2 night staycation at 2 different hotels this weekend. I can’t wait to just chill out with hubby, maybe watch some Korean drama/ Running Man. And maybe get some inspiration from hubby on work, life and family, because I seriously need some direction in certain aspects of my life!


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