Nam Nam at Raffles City

Slurpy goodness is what I can think of when I think of Nam Nam. And I finally got to try this last week!

Yes I know I’m really late and probably everyone out there has tried this more than once (that explains the never ending queues).. well the queue was the main reason and the other reason was that I was off grains this whole time.

So I decided to have a cheat meal and go ahead to binge with my ever accommodating hubby who is always ready and happy to see me eat. It gives him extreme joy to see me eat the stuff I shouldn’t eat.

Just last night he was hungry at 11pm and wanted to order KFC. So he was there persuading me that KFC is all meat so it’s quite paleo blah blah blah. I caved in and said okay, only to realise that KFC delivery isn’t 24 hours..

Haha so he made instant noodles and I escaped the late supper calories.

Ok back to Nam Nam. I reached at about 215pm and to my horror there was still a queue at Nam Nam!!

Since hubby wasn’t here yet I just joined the queue. And then I realised that they have quite a different system of ordering and payment. We have to take an order chit that’s located at the queue, tick what we want, pay and then we will be directed to a table.

So I was very obedient. I was looking at the menu while queueing and taking my time to order. Then suddenly I realised that the queue was gone and I was next.

A wait staff came to me and ushered me to an empty table immediately. She was very nice and she told me how to go about ordering and paying. although a bit loud and I guess everyone around me knew I was a noob; I was impressed with her helpful attitude and the fact that she was able to be flexible enough to let me in without me having to order and pay first.

Hubby came shortly and after paying, the food arrived very soon.


I must order this at every Viet eatery. Needless to say I had to eat both of these rolls coz hubby doesn’t eat salads.

I didn’t mind la.. I love these! Especially the mint leaves.


Deep fried minced pork rolls.. very good! Crispy and addictive πŸ™‚

This came with the set lunch. Cold appetiser comprising of pork belly and salad. U don’t have to guess who ate what. Somebody didn’t even leave any pork belly for me hahah. Must be very good lor.

My mixed beef pho. Ok their soup has no MSG so knowing that, I think their soup is already quite flavourful. But I find it not thick enough – a bit more will be nicer!

Oh and I ordered an extra portion of herbs and sprouts.. yum πŸ™‚


Hubby’s steak slice pho. The steak slices were nicely medium done.

Their few pieces of chilli in the pho did not give any spice to the soup at all so if u want more spicy soup, you gotta order an extra portion of chilli padi. They have extra portions of all kinds of things which I cannot remember haha.

My favorite was the deep fried pork rolls. I probably will go again, provided there’s no queue. I do like their service – very friendly and the cashier was also very helpful and down to earth. Not easy being a f&b staff in Singapore you know!


Sum’s Kitchen and Hong Kong Roasted Meat

This was one of the eateries in the midst of many others opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre. I had wanted to try the very popular white bee hoon but the queue was…

So Hubby spotted this small unassuming place on the left of the bustling white bee hoon place. Their logo was very very Hong Kong – a big live duck (in Hong Kong it will be a big live goose, not that I could tell the difference la.. u just assume lol). He was game for some Hong Kong fare so in we went.


We managed to get that last small table on the air con area phew.


Simple condiments tray.


Simple cutlery too.


Hubby was hungry.


Cao beng face. Hahaha.

Still handsome la still handsome la.

We placed our order with the boss of the restaurant who spoke to us in Cantonese. He simply assumed that we could speak in Cantonese. And hubby the Cao beng ordered in Cantonese lor.


I took a peek inside the metal container and was surprised to see this actually.. but I love such stuff so I served myself a huge chunk of it plus some chilli to try.

The chilli was ahem, spicy and pungent.. can cough kind. I love these spring onions though.


Hubby’s spoon has got a rooster on it! That rooster. Long time no see.


Of course we ordered the very stuff that was shown on their logo.


Hubby is one picky eater but he gave high ratings for this dish. I was also surprised when I sank my teeth into it. It was so tender, juicy and hubby said ε…₯ε‘³. How to explain that in English ah…

Ok it means that the fantastic taste of the dish totally got sucked into the duck meat.

Ok right!

The service was typically quite what you will expect at a roadside Hong Kong roast goose place – swift, brisk,  no fuss. Well, when food is good, that’s already good service.


Our sambal kangkong. Another surprise. Not the standard singapore style kangkong. The spices they used were just different!  I thought I tasted some salted fish in it. It was another fantastic dish!


This was steamed minced pork with salted fish.


Spot the salted fish πŸ™‚ somehow I will prefer the salted fish to be mixed into the minced pork but this is how it goes!

This steamed minced pork was very nicely cooked. Not like the usual steamed minced pork where the pork gets so overcooked that it tastes rough and dry. This one was very juicy and smooth πŸ˜€ aiya u gotta try to understand la..

We were thoroughly stuffed with these 3 dishes. I had half a bowl of rice to go with these dishes too. Oh ya talking about the rice. I was telling hubby that the rice in Hong Kong just tasted nicer. It was as though the rice in Hong Kong was cooked with a goose in it! Or they dripped some of the goose fats in it?


Total bill. It was okay for a Friday night dinner! πŸ™‚ we totally didn’t regret checking out Sum’s Kitchen.