Mint green


Have I ever told u that I’ve got this unexplainable crush on mint green? My personal and work phone both have mint green covers, I’ve got a mint green wireless mouse, I’ve got 2 Tiffany & Co boxes so far lolol.

Then I came across these 2 lovely pens that I simply had to buy. Just $1.20 each! Cheap stuff (jus realised that the tops come off quite easily bleah) but I couldn’t resist the urge to own them when I saw them at Thomson Plaza yesterday.

Retail therapy works regardless the cost. So yes, I’ll be happy if you put me in Daiso πŸ™‚

My girl’s very first exam of her life is coming in about 2 weeks. Well actually she had her oral last week already and her paper 1 and 2 are coming along next month. If you ask me, I’m not extremely worried or anxious. Given her current performance in the usual school work; she will definitely pass la hahah.

I’ll be thrilled if she can get above 90 though! *wink* I’m actually very glad that she is in this particular primary school. This school ensures that the student gets a well balanced life of work and play. Wednesdays are no-homework days. Other than that, homework load is also very manageable. Very good for the parents!

Monday is nearly over. Can’t wait for year end to arrive!


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