Artisteaq Art Jam at Mandarin Gallery

You know what – I wish I am painting now. Just idly dabbing away on the canvas, without any care for anything else.

I had my very first experience of painting a proper art piece on canvas last Friday. 3 hours per session and it wasn’t enough for a beginner like me. But still, that 3 hours was such a time of freedom and peace. To me, it was pure idling away, a supreme luxury.

My girl and I reached Artisteaq rather early so we decided to check out its cafe. I needed my afternoon caffeine shot so I ordered a cappuccino and also an apple cake to share with my girl.

We sat by the windows.  There was this whole row of low tables and sofa chairs – very comfortable looking. My girl settled right in with her newly borrowed library books – within 1 minute she was lost in her world of The Sewer Demon.


My coffee arrived in a elegant wooden tray. No sugar again.. I didn’t bother asking. If you are wondering what I’m talking about, read my review on GastroSmiths and how they serve coffee with sugar on the side!


My coffee came with a few biscuits, which my girl automatically took and started chomping away happily. She took a few gulps of my coffee too. Runs in the family.


I wished there was more time for us to just laze there and just do nothing in particular.


This was their apple cake, I believe it’s one of their signature dishes. I find it quite nice – think my girl found it too soft and squishy. It’s a very moist cake.

We hurriedly finished the cake (the cake took so long to come) and went next door for our art jam session.


It was like a classroom. we put our bags on the shelves at the back of the classroom and then wore our aprons. All the materials were prepared nicely for us already.

20140912_161201I flipped through the painting samples and settled on a woman dozing off on her chair. (yah you can safely say that I wish I can be that woman!)

Time just ZOOMED past when we were painting. My girl was very quiet through out the whole session, talking only when she needed help with squeezing out the paint or tearing away the dirty palette. First time I see her so focused on something for such a long period of time!

I thought I had to help her with her painting when I was done with mine – BUT she actually finished first…. =_= and i very nearly couldn’t finish!

We happily brought home our paintings. and we were tired.

So here’s her finished art piece:

20140912_195354I really applaud her determination to finish such a big painting – it’s not easy for a girl like her who hates to do any form of hard work ahahaha.

Basically I googled this picture and I helped her draw Sarah’s head (a circle) on the blank canvas to help her gauge the rough sizes of the pictures she should draw. Then she did everything else on her own! very good job I say!


And this is mine. On its own i think I pass. Pass because i think she looks like what she is – a woman.

Then I did a comparison with the original:


I think, I have just made that woman look so horrid in my painting… The woman in the original painting looks so sexy and voluptuous.. while mine looks like a creature with an oversized face and super short arms. I did not notice the boobs part in the printout that was given to me in class. maybe resolution of that picture isn’t too good.

But having said all that, my girl and I still enjoyed myself SO MUCH at the art jam! I am already thinking of purchasing art materials and going to the park or the beach with my girl and just paint all day. Wish I can do this at home though..but it may be a bit messy and there is no space at home to place any easel!

I even checked out adult art classes – expensive man – each class can cost up at $90!!! Think I will just paint on my own on drawing block paper (hahaha) and then maybe go NAFA for a proper art course when the girls are older…

Just saying.. 🙂




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