I need a new laptop, pronto.

About 2 weeks ago I ditched my Samsung laptop (cleared its data and kept it for trade in) & decided to share hubby’s macbook pro.

I gave up.

You don’t see many posts nowadays coz i’m having lots of trouble getting used to it.. the different interface, the different mouse, the different keys made editing photos, transferring pictures & even surfing the net so so so tough.

And I usually do my posts at night after 11pm,  so I really got no stamina or time to try and figure things out. I just wanna edit, post and go sleep coz it will be after 12 when I finish the post. And I gotta wake up at 445am. *_*

And so.. I’ve decided to get a new laptop. Or I can use back my Samsung laptop…. which is usable la. Just that I hate the keyboard.


But just to get another keyboard, I spend a good 800 bucks on a new laptop. Worth it anot..?


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