Guest Performance with Rhythm & Wave

You know, after watching quite a bit of Voice of China, I am seriously jealous of people who can tell beautiful stories with their voices. I really really really wanna be like them, but I will need to join Rhythm & Wave to brush up on my vocals.

If I am a swinging single (or even a swinging married woman), I will probably be visiting Rhythm & Wave very frequently to learn vocals and keyboard. 2 weeks ago I was there for the first time for my guest performance practice. It was located so so conveniently right above Chinatown MRT Exit D – no umbrella also nvm, coz once you exit, you get right into People’s Park Centre. And over there, there are really plenty of food choices lor – cheap somemore. Really very convenient.

On a serious note, I have been quite reflective lately. Life has been sucking me dry pretty much – and I think it really shouldn’t be like that. Well, I have been busy with work and my young girls – which is probably part and parcel of this phase of life, so I ought to take it into stride and find joy in the ordinary.

But i know deep within me, there are things I would like to do, like to explore, like to enjoy. One of them is singing. I used to be able to sing quite well – with a good strong vocal range (I remember being able to sing Amei’s 站在高岗上 using real voice) and all. Oh I might as well show you guys my ge tai pic!


That was one good memory – I sang professionally for about a year I think. That was in year 2002.

So now is 2014 – 12 years later. 12 years of non-existent proper practice = vocal range easily reduced by half. Now I mew like a cat (although my falsetto has gotten better and stronger) and after watching Voice of China – I think I sound like a duck compared to those beautiful voices on the show. And now that my vocal range has reduced so much, singing at KTV really irks me coz I am unable to bring out the best in a song. Sing half way I gotta change to falsetto – so anti-climax lor! Sigh.

But but but, singing brings out something in me which I find it hard to explain. The only proper singing I am doing right now is singing songs of praise and worship in church. I guess only believers will be able to understand – praising and worshipping God has to be the most emotionally satisfying experience that one can ever encounter. Yes, even better than the best concert you have ever attended. I also feel similar waves of euphoria when I watch Voice of China, when the 4 judges listen just using their ears and get so touched by the voice that they had to tap that button to turn around.

So, one of the things which I like to do when  I am more free (that will take at least a couple more years I think) is to learn singing professionally… I have gone for a few lessons at a music school maybe a couple years ago, but i stopped after that coz it was just me and one other student and I found it quite bleah… and the location is quite bleah too. So i stopped.

Then Kim set up Rhythm & Wave. I didn’t know Kim at first, I knew Yanxi at work and that was how I got to know about Kim and his music school. And I was invited to their first student showcase at Fullhouse Signature Restaurant!

On Thursday night (3 days before actual performance) I went to Rhythm & Wave music school for practice. I really loved what I saw – it was so cosy and homely that I would really like to go there more often. And when we practised, it was such fun coz we all had the same objective – which was to learn and make beautiful music together.

On the actual day – I was so nervous can. My throat became very dry (not the first time when I experienced this when I am on stage actually) and I didn’t sing really well 😦 but thankfully I chose really simple songs with a very manageable vocal range!


Before start of performance. Hubby and my elder girl went along with me – I took this from my table.


It was a simple set up – very close to the audience, casual and non-intimidating.


Rhythm & Wave holds its student showcases every Sunday evening – check it out if you are heading to Clarke Quay! I personally think it is such a great platform for students to learn stage singing!!


We started at 730pm. If I remember correctly there were about a total of 8 to 9 songs per set. I had the easiest job – sing 2 songs 🙂 That’s Yanxi singing!


I must say that she has improved so much in her singing – the stability has improved a lot and she is starting to learn techniques that make her sound softer and more vulnerable 🙂


This was the other student Kenneth – very nice and friendly guy whose voice is like a rubber band (dunno if it’s an apt description lol) – I mean his voice can stretch until quite high and he still sounds quite comfortable. Falsetto also not bad!


My turn – JITTERS.

and oh my goodness I look fat on stage.

And hubby managed to take a couple of videos of my crappy singing lol. But you gotta turn the volume way up to hear me coz the white noise level is extremely high – videos were taken using iPhone 5s.

Starting of A Thousand Years.

My falsetto gone totally haywire and shaky due to dry throat 😦


But despite the lousy singing from me, I thoroughly enjoyed the evening coz it was a casual set and Kim’s emcee-ing made everything so comfortable 🙂

Thanks once again to Rhythm & Wave for allowing me to sing on stage that evening!



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