It’s 1130pm now and I just showered. A usual weekday goes like this for me:

445am – wake up and goes over to mum’s room to look after baby while mum starts the day with clearing housework

715am – mum wakes me up and i start preparing for work

8am – leaves home with hubby

830am – 6pm – work (and work has been very hectic)

6pm-645pm – buys dinner/ bread and heads home

645pm – 7pm – showers the p2 girl after her school

7pm – 730pm – entertains the baby while family eats dinner

730pm – 8pm – my turn to eat dinner

8pm – 10pm – with the baby again, and at the same time ensuring the p2 girl does her homework and packs her bag

10pm – 1030pm – reads Bible devotional with the p2 girl and then tucks her in bed

1030pm – 11pm – shower

11pm onwards – free time (more like zombie time)


if hubby is able to pick me up from work and helps with the baby after dinner, i can do more work with the elder one. if not, i am literally with the baby at all times and the elder girl has to do her own homework and pack her own bag.

Weekends are actually worse – hubby usually works and i am with the kids alone -_- not fun. very tiring. the baby is at the explorative stage now – and plus the fact that she is extremely ambitious and overly confident in her skills – i am unable to leave her unattended for even a second.

But having said that, my kids are one of my top priorities, probably ranked right after my Christian faith. And there’s just 24 hours per day and I can only do so much. Need to decide to do what’s more important isn’t it?

So pls forgive me if you don’t see daily posts on my blog – I will make it as frequent as i can! 🙂


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