Wang Dae Bak @ China Square Central

It was Friday night and 10 of us in the office decided to make our way to a nice dinner at Wang Dae Bak. A few of them had been to this place before and they liked it, so we decided to go to the same place again 🙂


We were in a rush when we reached the restaurant hence I did not take the entrance and restaurant pictures. I remembered entering the restaurant and walking through quite a long pathway, passing by several round tables filled with customers, busy BBQ-ing and eating their hearts out.


Korean alcohol in Singapore is so sadly expensive. Not many of us like soju, so we ordered Hite and Rice Wine (Mak-Geu-Li).


There was complimentary iced barley tea as well – YAY.


Service was brisk. Within 2 minutes after we ordered, banchan was served!


And they were right in front of me. Man, seeing so much food made me a happy girl!

P1000544Their kimchi was good – just the right sour and spice level.

P1000545This was unique to me – when Maria and I tasted it we both found it weird. So I asked Young to try. Now, Young is a Korean and he was like, the expert that night – or rather, the rest of us were the blur ones!

Young took a swipe into his mouth and went “yeah, that’s sweet potato with mayo”. I went “OOOOHHH, so it’s made from sweet potato!” Usually this potato side dish that I eat at other Korean restaurants is the savoury type while this was sweet.


Young gave a tip on banchan – it IS refillable. I was telling him that not all Korean restaurants in Singapore allow refills. He went ‘it’s like an American going to a deli and having to pay for extra lettuce’.



By the way we got a room for the dinner – it was so cool leh – it was private, and liberating!


And our rice wine arrived – it’s usually served in a golden kettle with golden bowls. Can I just shriek for a second? I am sorry for being so ‘tourist’, but I really really love Korean culture!


Mushroom set for the BBQ.


Served in simple homely wooden trays, it came with 3 toppoki sticks 🙂


I almost couldn’t get this shot coz the staff already placed the plate down. But he saw me with the camera and went ‘You wanna take picture?’ and lifted it up again. Fantastic service heehee.


Here’s the BBQ plate! looks a bit like the Mookata plate hor?


Chicken wings! The wings are cut apart slightly for easy BBQ-ing 🙂


Some of my pics are blur – I took them in a hurry coz it was 10 of us and I didn’t wanna hold up the cooking and eating.


This is so blur – BUT i have to tell you – this is a MUST ORDER – SEAFOOD PANCAKE! It was bursting with ingredients and had a good tinge of oyster taste too!


Jap Chae side dish – I didn’t really get to try this – but it sure looked pretty 🙂


So the sides are for steamed eggs! I tell you, the staff pour the raw egg mixture using a big kettle – so cool right. and Young pointed out that during a BBQ, all side dishes and steamed egg are FREE FLOW.



Sizzle sizzle!


Young got this small pot of sesame oil with garlic and placed it on the grill. Instead of eating garlic off the grill like that and getting a smelly mouth, garlic cooked with sesame oil rids the garlic of the smell and sesame oil is a very healthy oil too.

and he was right – no smelly mouth for me 🙂


And a group pic before dinner – just so we would look slimmer before gorging ourselves silly.



This was a tofu with kimchi – a very nice dish where the tofu was cool and kimchi was hot – fantastic combination!


and here’s the pork belly – so much better than Manbok coz the thickness is much more like the one I had in Jeju 😛 yay.


And beef shabu shabu – This was the STAR of the night.


Naturally, Young was the main cook at our table and he said that Korean girls judge guys by their cooking skills. If they can cook well, it means that the guy is a keeper. 🙂

This beef, when it went into my mouth, it was so juicy and melted in my mouth literally. SO GOOD.


And without further ado, in went the pork belly!

And we had countless refills of that steamed egg 😀


It’s nearly 1am now and I am salivating while looking at the pics 😦


Beautiful isnt it? I can certify Young as a good cook already!


The other table is -ANYHOW COOK – QUICKLY COOK SO I CAN EAT – kind of table hahaha.


And Japees was clearly enjoying himself.


Young cut up the pork belly neatly – well done! the pork belly was good too – i so wanna go back to eat again.


During the course of the dinner, Young was the guy who ordered the food because he could converse in Korean with the Korean staff there – and so he was there yakking away and he got along with them quite well – until the lady boss asked if he wanted some aged kimchi!

This kimchi was THREE YEARS OLD. Maybelline went “will we be okay after eating this?” lol. Young said this was supposed to go on the grill coz eating it like that is simply too sour.


Raspberry wine – Bokbunjaju – was the other star of the night – it was such an easy and sweet wine! very addictive! Young said that it is believed to improve man’s sexual stamina. In fact, the literal meaning of the name of this wine is that you will break the toilet bowl after drinking this 😀

Ladies leh? HMM.

P1000587and everyone got a lot happier after this raspberry wine, as you can see.

P1000588Tricia and Anne, two lovely and fun ladies who fell in love with the raspberry wine too.


Tricia, Anne, Maybelline and me – all fun loving peeps in the office on the same floor as me – yay to great colleagues!


First time in my life I tried NaengMyeon – Korean cold noodles. Young was saying that BBQ is usually an appetizer and Koreans will usually have an entree after the BBQ, and NaengMyeon was one of the choices.


The noodles looked seemingly dull and tasteless but I was so utterly wrong! It was so tasty on its own! Quite chewy and springy in texture – and the coldness gave it a very refreshing taste. Wins hands down compared to the Japanese cold soba in my opinion 🙂

I have absolutely no complaints about the food. I learnt so much from Young that night – he freely shared many interesting tips on Korean dining and culture – and dining with a native Korean in a Korean restaurant is SOOOO different, so many things to learn. It’s not just eat and be done with – there are many intricacies in Korean dining!

Hard to comment on the service though – coz the staff probably knew that they gotta ‘behave’ themselves coz Young was there hahhaa. I shall go there on my own again and let you know if their good service still stands!


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