Voices worth listening to in Voice of China (中国好声音第三季)

I am currently watching 中国好声音第三季 (Voice of China 3rd Season) – quite addicted to it to be honest. It’s the first competition where judges use only their ears to decide the winners, well at least in the beginning when they choose who they want to be on their team.. I didn’t watch the previous seasons so I don’t really know how the actual competition will proceed lol.

But anyway, there are a couple of voices which really really brought tears to my eyes. The first is this chap:

This is my absolute favourite – his voice is simply filled with such overwhelming emotion – never mind the gender – just close your eyes and listen!

This is another one – she actually used to be a singer, but then now she’s a music teacher. Her voice too – really brought the song to life. Her voice is so feminine and vulnerable.

If only I can sing like them! For some people, singing well comes naturally to them – but I am the sort who needs to keep practising regularly to widen my vocal range and sing steadily at least. Hard to do that at this stage of my life so I will just make do with listening to great voices like these 🙂


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