GastroSmiths Bistro & Bakery @ Beach Road (Food Review)

GastroSmiths opened its doors very recently on Beach Road, just diagonally opposite my office. We have walked past GastroSmiths a few times while on our way to the usual lunch place at Chongqing Steamboat and we finally decided to try it out on Friday.

Maybelline and Serene walked over first and managed to get a long table for our group of 8 outside the cafe. Pretty breezy (after a morning storm), so outside was fine. The rest of us got there at about 1pm and the indoor seating was already pretty full – looks like people have started noticing this place!

Now I’m excited coz this place serves egg brunch items as well!


I am especially interested in their 63 degree eggs. According to the friendly waiter, the eggs are cooked with that temperature, resulting in eggs with softer whites than poached eggs and yolks remain runny (something like that, it was such a long sentence and I was hungry..)

So I ordered Sea-ly Eggs and a cappucino to try, since the waiter gave very high praises for their Highlander coffee beans.


Here’s their beverage menu. The best cappucino I’ve tasted was at November8 where there was zero sourish aftertaste. Let’s see how GastroSmiths coffee turns out to be!


The cafe isn’t very big – I walked through the cafe to get to the toilet and it seemed quite small inside – but I don’t find that an issue at all – being compact and practical is the in thing nowadays isn’t it? As long as the food is good – i don’t really care about the space, as long as it’s clean and comfy.


This is the first cappucino I see that’s served with a sachet of sugar, which I really appreciate. Other cafes serve their coffee assuming that everyone takes them without sugar! Maybe someone can educate me – should we drink coffee without sugar, so as to show that we are true coffee drinkers? Or is it jus a matter of personal preferences? Whenever i am being served coffee without any sugar on the cup or on the table, I get the vibe that I am not supposed to add sugar.

Anyway, this cappucino had a slightly sourish aftertaste – so it didn’t win the one at November8. But it was nutty and pleasant nevertheless!


Jasvir’s cappucino with less milk – there’s another name for it – something-cino. Jasvir told me but I forgot! 😦


Messy basket of utensils – but they look clean enough 🙂


My Sea-ly Eggs came in a HUGE plate with this deep hole in the middle. There sat the 2 eggs and on top of it were slices of smoked salmon, seaweed, scallions and a piece of toasted bread.


The first impression that Tricia and I had was “Wah looks little”. The shape and size of the plate had a lot to do with it. Seriously, if you serve this to a hungry woman (like me), I won’t be very pleased coz the impression is that – it won’t fill me up!

Actually it will look much better if they add a second piece of toasted bread, so the plate won’t look so bare. Hor?

Anyway, taste-wise – I was happy with it. The addition of chilli oil enhanced the taste of the eggs and of course the smoked salmon did its part by adding salt to the whole meal, in a good way ahaha. Overall it was a good combination of the ingredients.

63 degree eggs – it totally looked like Yakun soft-boiled eggs to me – except that it somehow tasted and looked slightly thicker than soft-boiled eggs.

I have to mention the toasted bread though – it was really good and crumbly for a simple piece of bread!

I finished my meal in 5 minutes. Didn’t feel really satisfied, but I did feel full the rest of that afternoon lar.


Andrea’s Mushroom sandwich – looks yummy – but I would have preferred french fries to go along if I were the one eating.


My first truffle fries – John graciously lent his hands for the picture 🙂 Yup I could taste the truffles and they were good – but it’s my first time trying truffle fries and I shall reserve my comments. Where else serve good truffle fries??


Tempura wings – everyone liked this! I was okay with it but mine was a bit undercooked.


Jasvir’s chopped eggs sandwich. Now i feel like going back there again for their sandwich because I loved the toasted bread that came with my Sea-ly Eggs 🙂

Service wise – the waiter who served us was friendly and very smiley – he even asked us if we used to frequent some place at Clarke Quay coz he finds us familiar lol. The boss of the place (I assume he’s the boss coz he’s in civilian clothes) also asked us how was the food.

While we walked back, Andrea, Maybelline and I were talking about the food. Maybelline and Serene loved their Shio Koji Prawn Linguine coz there were many prawns inside! I again spoke about the small portion of my eggs wahaha and went :

“If a meal makes me happy and full, I don’t care how much I pay”. I recall my first cafe experience at Comman Man Coffee Roasters where their breakfast made me soooooo satisfied – and that meal cost me double the price of this Sea-ly Eggs, yet I was bursting with happiness that time wahaha.

I may be back again for their dinner items – and maybe have a try again at their coffee!


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