Marché Mövenpick @ Suntec City – Food Review

We walked past Marche Movenpick after we got down from Alive Museum on Sunday. The first thing that struck me was the AMAZING PASTRY DISPLAY.



Are these real?! They look so so so so GORGEOUS! I just couldn’t stop oogling.


They looked just like the market stalls in Melbourne when we were there! 😀


Actually these are not very expensive.. a few Breadtalk items also above $2 lor.

Ok so in we went to eat. Needed some lunch anyway!


I guess we are all familiar with the Marche style. You get this card at the counter, go in, charge whatever you order to the card, and then pay up before getting out of there. Remember anot?

It’s still the same 🙂

I also noticed something different about Marche. The whole place was filled with Caucasian staff! There were more Caucasians than Asians working, which gives off such a great ambience, like as though you are really in an European market!


I tell you, I literally went crazy in there. Everything was PICTURE PERFECT.


See the amount of salad greens!


Everything jus looks so fresh and clean.


When I came to this part, the realisation that came to my mind was “if only this was a buffet deal…”.

Then I got quite sad..


The layout was like a buffet…. but i cannot eat all of them. Eat one pay one.

Shrugs. Good also la, I’m on a diet!!


Here’s the salad section. Check out the juicy mushrooms.


Savoury crepes section.


I LOVE CREPES OK! I used up ALL of my willpower just to resist ordering one for myself 😦


We did order a crepe – for my girl. This was one of the few Asian staff – he was very polite and friendly 🙂 he immediately got busy making the crepe.


And as I waited, I turned around and continued to take pics *snap snap snap* This is a heaven for food photographers!


All staff were neatly dressed, looking very clean and proper.


It was about 1145am on a Sunday, so it wasn’t very crowded. I wonder if it gets really packed in the evenings?


The whole place was nicely decorated with wholesome hearty furnishings.


And the crepe was halfway done! He started putting in the tomato sauce.


LOTS OF CHEESE. Oh we ordered a mushroom crepe by the way. Cheese was probably one of the other ingredients.


He added in lots of vegetables too (after asking us if he could add vegetables).


And it was done! It was a huge crepe for $10!


It was too much for my girl. She had half while hubby took the other half.


Man it looks so good.


I am literally drooling now as I type. ARGH. I can totally imagine devouring the cheesy mushroom crepe now.


I think I expert in resisting grains le. I had salad ok. I think it’s quite expensive. Medium plate for $10.90 – their medium plate is quite small in my opinion.


Sweet ending to our lunch – their very own ice cream!

I am really quite impressed by Marche’s revamp – service was perfect and their food was prepared skilfully. One day if I decide to have a cheat day, I will definitely go back to Marche – have a savoury crepe, sweet crepe, pork knuckle and rosti!!


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