Visit to Alive Museum Singapore

Having gone to Trick Art Museum in Jeju in February 2012 and then Trickeye Museum in Singapore in June 2014, I was ALL READY to check out Alive Museum when it landed in Singapore!

And as if God had heard my thoughts, I received two complimentary tickets to visit Alive Museum Singapore from omy Blog Club last week!! *WOOT*

CAUTION – THIS IS A LONG POST WITH MANY PICS. That’s what Alive Museum is all about eh?


And so we happily went on Sunday morning – wanted to be the first few to enter the museum so we have more space to ourselves hopefully. Having gone to Trickeye at RWS, it was quite cramped and we had to queue up to take pictures!

We reached Suntec at about 930am, 30minutes before opening hours.


We drove. Was pretty easy, just park at the Red Zone where Towers 3 and 4 are. Here was where we parked! You can check their website for more information on directions.

And if you are early like us, you can go to Kopitiam located beside Alive Museum! That was what we did hahaha.


My favourite colours.


I remembered the day when we went Trickeye at RWS back in June. Trickeye is located near Aston’s and there is no air-conditioning at the ticketing counter outside the museum. It was a pain having to queue outside the museum – weather was humid and I was basically getting roasted while waiting! Alive, on the other hand, is located right inside Suntec – queue up in air-con comfort! And before or after your visit, settle your meal at Kopitiam or Burger King. It’s just sooooo convenient!


See, this is what I mean. I got my tickets nearly immediately and in we went!

As expected, my first observation was that the space constraint is similar to that of Trickeye in RWS. Why I say this is because, in the TrickArt Museum we went to in Jeju, it was a whole building on its own – inside was so spacious and the art can be HUMONGOUS…LIKE THIS:


This was one of the pics taken in Jeju. SO I say, cannot compare one. Singapore everywhere also space constraint. Got 3D art museum come Singapore for you to see consider very good liao ok!

Alrighty, on to more pictures taken at Alive Museum!


Tell you first, when I face camera, I only know how to smile. Me not actress wahaha.


This does look rather ghostly in the beginning. But it was damn cool!!


Pose as dancer and smile – can.


Who thought of this…


Wendy the Mermaid with Nemo and Dory.


LOL hubby going to hit the wall if he goes any nearer!!


Quite a few gross pictures here ahahaha.


I like this picture coz it makes me look petite *bimbo-mode-on*


Check out my spastic face.


They really utilised the space very well!


Have you seen such a happy girl being sucked into a tornado?

I tell you, this pose was not easy… Hubby was moving about trying to get the angle right… and I arched myself as upward as I could… and having a bad back really doesn’t help!

But as you can see, it really looks quite real hor!


Ok I was seriously freaked out by this. I don’t like walking on look-through floors and these effects that show a bottomless pit freaked me out even more!!


How about a bottomless pit filled with ladybugs?


This was a good one, one of my favourites! I love BIG pictures!


Another spastic smile.


Wings are everywhere in these museums. Guess people do like to think that they can fly.


No kidding – I really stood upside down.


Maybe the angle isn’t right – doesn’t look real enough hor..


LOL ya i tink it’s the angle – i should have stooped down lower to take the pic. Now you know!


I like this too!


Kena tekan by Ryu. Got wind effect some more leh!


This paper boat reminds me of the tin solder story!


U know, such pics let you be in situations that you will never imagine yourself doing…


And you can imagine yourself in such beautiful gardens that only exist in…. England for example?!


I think hubby is a natural poser.


This one he never pose – he can play quite well in fact!


This has to be the most realistic – see how that fake waist fit his real waist so well wahahha.


This museum should be called “Dreams Come True” Museum…lolol.


Not bad leh hubby.

Actually these are not exhaustive – there are plenty of other nice art pieces – you can check out Yvette’s blog for her visit!


This art is located at the entrance of the museum – no need to pay also can take pic here! Heee.

Alive Museum is a place where you don’t have to be shy – everyone’s making silly faces and even sillier poses in there – so just let your hair down, make full use of the art pieces, take the best pictures and create the most beautiful memories with your loved ones!

And by the way, Alive Museum currently has a really cool promotion – simply like them on their Facebook Page, buy a full-priced ticket and get a free Burger King meal! Details can be found here.

You can also purchase your tickets online and avoid the queue – I think this is a really good idea coz no one likes to queue twice…

After all, life is an adventure – why wait? Do it now!



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