1-for-1 Deals on The Entertainer Singapore Mobile App

Deals are all over Singapore. The question is – which deal is the best deal?

I have bought ‘annual memberships’ from hotel groups before, where I paid a few hundred bucks and I get back seriously good dining/ hotel stay vouchers in return. Basically whatever i have paid, I get it back and even more. There is this one, hubby paid maybe about 300plus – we get back like 10-15 superb dining deals such as 50% Off, Free Buffet for 2, Free 500g cake, Free bottle of wine, Free hotel stay!

I have never learnt marketing before, but looking at it from a layman’s point of view, I don’t think those hotel groups wish to gain any big profits out of such marketing plans. They simply want to ‘tie’ us to eating at their restaurants or having a staycation at their hotels since we already have the vouchers.

Which I don’t mind at all. Singapore not say very big, not say very small. But one thing I know – the most common question that hubby and I ask each other EVERY WEEKEND IS:


Or when special occasions are nearing:



heehee just had to add this in. But true leh – these questions can annoy the heck out of you isn’t it?!

With the membership I got from this hotel group, hubby and I find it much easier to decide where to go during special occasions or even times when we feel like eating nicer food than Kopitiam at Thomson Plaza. Got such fabulous dining deals given to us, USE RIGHT? No need to think where – just look at the vouchers, zero in, decide, call and reserve table. So easy!


AND SO, I was introduced to something similar called The Entertainer Singapore Mobile App some weeks ago. Basically this is a mobile app that you download into your phone. Then as you explore the app, you can see all the participating brands (there’s dining, leisure, travel, fitness and even beauty brands!) that have the fabulous 1 for 1 offers! No kidding, here are some of the brands inside The Entertainer Singapore mobile app:

  • Habitat Coffee (Upper Thomson – just opposite my place!) – 1-for-1 beverage
  • Au Petit Salut (Harding Road) – 1-for-1 main course
  • bq bar (Boat Quay) – 1-for-1 main menu item
  • Brewerkz – 1-for-1 main menu item
  • Cafe Iguana (Riverside Point – fantastic Mexican fare) – 1-for-1 main course
  • Fat Cow (Orchard) – 1-for-1 main course
  • Hard Rock (HPL House/ Sentosa) – 1-for-1 main course
  • KPO Cafe Bar – 1-for-1 main course
  • Level33 (MBFC) – 1-for-1 main course
  • Mariott Cafe – 1-for-1 BUFFET!!!

I was basically scrolling down the list in the app, skipping the ones I’ve no idea about and listing the ones that are well-known. And I am only at Letter M.

Talk about being spoilt for choice. THIS IS CRAZY! Even better than simi hotel groups memberships where you can only dine at the hotels’ restaurants!


Snapshot of how the app looks like.

And last Saturday, I went to The Pelican Seafood and Grill at One Fullerton where The Entertainer Singapore team walked through with us on how to use the app. That very night, Yvette used a 1-for-1 main course voucher for our dinner at The Pelican!


Skate Wing Chop – grilled stingray in butter with fries. Portion was respectable and quality was impeccable.


Baked Snapper Pie that came in submarine form.


Professional staff who went the extra mile in even the minor details. It was a truly enjoyable experience at The Pelican – I loved the service especially!

And it was so simple. We just ordered 2 main courses – and then in the end we paid for just 1 main course. It was so cool. If you are someone who meets friends regularly for meals and drinks, this is really the perfect app for you! Everything in the app is 1-for-1!!

Here comes the important news:

This Entertainer Singapore mobile app is currently on offer at $19 for a month (within activation date) for my readers to try out. Make sure you use my promo code @wendy when you get the app!

Here’s where to go download the app: https://www.theentertainerme.com/trysgfor19/

Do it fast, coz my promo code will expire on 1 September 2014!

$19 confirm sure earn back – just go for 1 dinner at The Pelican within the month 🙂

Then, after your one month membership, if you wanna continue to enjoy even more of such 1-for-1 offers, you can simply choose to upgrade to the full product for a further SGD 76, allowing you to keep redeeming your offers until December 31, 2014.


Eating out can be affordable with The Entertainer 🙂


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