Mignon’s Steak and Grill at Takashimaya Shopping Centre (Food Review)

This was our second time at Mignon – the first time was early last year before I gave birth – I was low in iron (I still am, actually) and I needed to load up on iron – so I had a striploin there and absolutely loved it.

So we were at Taka recently again – went Tiffany & Co to change my ring size and needed to do a quick lunch – so Mignon popped up in our heads and that was where we went!

Hubby had mixed grill  (with beef) while I had striploin again.

20140723_130602I never liked mixed grills because it’s a bit of everything… I am the type who rather have purely 1 item that I like a lot hahaha.

But that sunny side up looked damn perfect… *shrugs*

Anyway hubby had an issue with the sausage. When he sank his teeth into it, IT WAS COLD. It also did not appear to be grilled – no grill lines, no grill taste. It tasted weird in fact, like it was RAW. So we got the staff over to ask her about it.

The lady staff was really very patient and nice about it though. She explained that this new batch of sausages couldn’t be grilled coz it will split open and look really ugly if grilled – hence they had to blanch the sausage. Hubby went ‘But this is a mixed GRILL… and besides it was served cold and it tastes raw!’.

The lady then got us a sample of the same sausage when grilled, and also the sausage they used to have when grilled. So cute right – I think she was really trying hard to make us see why they had to do things that way 🙂 I do appreciate her gesture. But anyway, hubby’s the JUST-GET-ME-WHAT-I-ORDERED type of customer so he was disappointed.

20140723_131229My huge striploin. It actually was supposed to come with fries as well, but I asked for steamed vegetables instead and it came later on a small plate.

I got no complaints at all! 😀

20140723_132143Lovely medium doneness.

Both these items are below $20. Mine was about $16.90 if I don’t remember correctly. The striploin was really very worth it coz the portion was quite big. I personally prefer striploin to sirloin or ribeye coz I like more muscular beef where I can slowly chew and enjoy the taste.

Will I go back for the strip – YES 🙂 Hubby should just get the ribeye next time 😛





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