Rhythm & Wave 1st Birthday + Student Showcase

“Life is one grand sweet song, so start the music.”

Yeah baby! I can’t agree more with this beautiful quote that’s on Rhythm & Wave’s homepage. We got only this one life so we better make it the grandest ever. In this lifetime, do what you want. Be what you want. Dream big and make it happen!

This could very well be Rhythm & Wave (R&W)’s motto – because they have achieved their very first milestone in Singapore’s music learning scene – the school is one year old! And I was there at Fullhouse Signature Restaurant witnessing this joyous occasion with all of its students. I was invited by Kim (founder of R&W) and Yvette (Kim’s better half) to join in the event and also to do up some coverage for them on my website. I am more than happy to do this, coz Yvette and I have been good sisters (given that I am nearly TEN YEARS OLDER than her lol), I absolutely love singing and it’s an honor to have this on my blog 🙂


HM (also invited guest) and I reached Fullhouse by 1pm and were greeted by these adorable dolls. If you have not known by now, Fullhouse is a restaurant that’s FILLED WITH SWEET CUTE STUFF!


This stage is huge! I understand that R&W has regular gigs at Fullhouse right on this stage. I think it’s really cool that R&W students get to perform live here while learning!


I attended singing classes some time back and I can say that I love to sing, although now I only have the time to sing nursery rhymes to my kids. If I have extra time, I really want to try out their classes! And they are so conveniently located at People’s Park – i can totally imagine myself going for classes with Yvette and then heading to some SIchuan Mala supper after class ^_^


More of the restaurant – lovely chandeliers.


Comfortable high chairs for bigger groups.


It’s a really suitable place for girlfriends to meet up, have a hearty dinner and yak over drinks while the music plays on. It’s so cosy.


Yvette and me in funky Gangnam Style sunglasses!


I LOVE this particular table, it’s located at the end of the restaurant and it’s like another world altogether. Very romantic feel leh!

And while we waited for the event to start, I went around taking pictures of the students.


Who were ALL very sporting and smiley 😀 😀 😀


I could literally feel their joy and excitement in celebrating the school’s first birthday 🙂


The ladies all very chio leh…


This table surprised me the most. When I asked for a picture, all of them happily wore the funky glasses and even stood up to position themselves!!! They are actually students too. I totally wanna do this when I hit 40! These people look younger than the youngsters lor!


Another funky family – I didn’t even suggest to them about wearing the glasses 🙂 I LOVE SPONTANEITY.


The students are all very friendly and ON. Rhythm & Wave is one happy school.


Where strangers become friends and family 🙂


I would like to say that I love my Lumix to bits. Its auto focus and light adjustment is fabulous!!!!


Ok back to camwhoring – here’s HM and I happily caged up.


Can I have your big big eyes HM…


Host for the event – she is a student too!


And here’s Kim telling everyone that this ‘give speech’ part got him the most worried – but I think he did a great job 🙂


And since it’s a birthday, of coz must have BIRTHDAY CAKE LA! HM got this from Awfully Chocolate 🙂


Check out Kim’s bright smile!


Happy Birthday R&W! Many more happy years to come!

And what’s a event without good food 🙂


Scrumptious buffet spread for everyone!


Everyone was taking their food quickly so they could go back to enjoy the student showcase.


I’ve got my food too 🙂


Their mushroom soup was GOOD!! So hearty!


I took a couple of performance shots (was busy eating in between oops). Just to give some feedback (given that I was a trained getai singer more than 10 years ago muahahaha), most of them could sing and play well! It was music to my ears la 🙂


A couple of guys even played keyboard and sang at the same time! *applause*


and I took more food. these were good too!


seriously – fat die me.


And how can i not take more pics of Kim & Yvette leh heehee.


Kim is such a fantastic keyboardist!


Think they purposely dressed up in opposite colours.

There were a total of 9 performances and in the blink of an eye it was 3pm. R&W has not only prepared all the program, they also ensured that everyone takes home a sure win lucky draw prize XD


Lucky draw prizes.


And everyone has a big goodie bag to bring home too. Here are the kind sponsors which R&W (and I) would like to say a big thank you to!

In no particular order:

  • Mere Poulard
  • alce nero
  • Fullhouse Signature
  • Golden Village
  • Lolly Talk

Let’s take a peek at what’s in the goodie bag:


Organic Spaghettini by alce nero.


Fruit cookies from Mere Poulard


It was a huge tin!


Here are the cookies! I’ve got a feeling that it will be abit like those sultana cookies – which I love!


$20 Fullhouse SIgnature Restaurant voucher – yay 🙂 i want more of that mushroom soup!


Lollipop from Lolly Talk – I think these sweets will make great door gifts and treats for anyone 🙂


From Lolly Talk too.


Golden Village $1 off movie ticket voucher!


I brought 2 Gangnam Style sunglasses home and my girl loved it – she has been wearing it out to dinner LOL. Majiam celebrity.

It was a sweet ending and a brand new beginning (of the second year) for R&W. If you are reading this and have thought about learning vocals or an instrument, do drop R&W a note at contactus@rhythmandwave.com!


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