November8 @ Sin Ming Thomson V Two (Food Review)

It has been a really hectic weekend for me – well life with kids is never a piece of cake!

I’ve been wanting to visit November8 ever since I heard about it through Cruz Teng (via his Instagram feed) and it’s in the same building as my elder girl’s tuition reason why I should not review this place since it’s so near to me.

So we brought the family to brunch on Saturday after tuition. It opens at 12pm on Sundays so at 12pm, there was already a small crowd along the narrow alleyway outside the cafe. It’s located INSIDE Thomson V Two, and you will need to enter via L1 Arcade. Thomson V Two is basically a maze-lookalike set up.. so you may get lost.

The most you end up walking 1 whole round, then you see L1 Arcade entrance. 🙂

I have to apologize for the pics quality. A few of them are not very clear.. I have to entertain my toddler while snapping pics – so pls forgive me!!


Simple 2-page menu, drinks in front, food behind. Hubby and I weren’t very hungry as we had roti prata for breakfast, so we ordered a Big Breakfast and a Plain Waffle to share with the our girl, while the toddler had porridge brought from home. Oh I ordered a latte too, just to check out their coffee (haha majiam i coffee expert).


Their interior is quite quirky with different bits of furniture and accessories. The toddler liked the blinking lights on the tree 🙂


But her favourite has to be this waterfall wall. She was hesitant to touch it at first but in the end she did and she was damn happy about it. Kept ahh-ing over it. I noted that the cream sofa was quite dirty…


BLUR PIC. So these people you see here were the initial crowd waiting outside. Not bad for such a location. Shows how popular the cafe culture is in Singapore nowadays.


Free flow iced water is available, just go top it up yourself. At that red counter, there’s also all kinds of condiments. Cool. I also like their colourful pipes 🙂

The aircon wasn’t very strong though, probably due to the huge windows right beside the tables. But it gave very good light for my pictures wahaha.


Latte served in a cappucino cup? Is it in trend now?


I added a sachet of brown sugar and tasted it – NICE LEH. very smooth and rich – after a big sip you will feel like going ‘AHHHHH…..’


Plain waffle drenched in maple syrup with 2 slices of butter.


I enjoyed this! Or rather, we all enjoyed this very much. The waffle was drenched very evenly in maple syrup and the fluffy-ness was just right in my opinion. Again, I am no waffle expert but this is one of the much better ones I’ve tried!


Our Big Breakfast with scrambled eggs, toasted foccacia bread,ham, sausage, bacon, tomato, mushrooms, and salad. And potatoes I realised.. Didn’t notice that, hubby probably ate it all before I even saw it lol.


The girl had majority of the scrambled eggs and she loved it. The foccacia bread was nicely toasted and very soft on the inside.


The ham and bacon is super salty, but of course you should eat it with the eggs and bread la. Overall it’s good! We’ve got no complaints on the food.

Service was okay too, water was served very promptly and the 2 girls on the floor were sweet and smiley. I just noted something though. Both girls on the floor, plus 1 girl in the kitchen, had very messy hair. The girls on the floor both had long hair, untied and it was literally all over their shoulder. Their hair was messy enough for me to notice and talk about it. The girl in the kitchen – she had her hair tied up but i think she doesnt know how to tie her hair…it’s still very messy!

I dunno, I just feel that f&b staff handles food all the time and messy hair is an absolute no-no. Hair may suay suay fall onto the food that you are serving. Don’t say hair. If your hair is not properly tied up, other particles from your hair (not visible to the eye) may fall into the food as well.

There are another 2 guys behind the counter, 1 doing coffee and 1 doing the cooking. They got neat hair and looked quite pro 🙂 I just wasn’t comfortable with the girl in the kitchen with messy hair and using her bare hands to grope around with the food :/

Other than the messy hair, it was a good filling lunch with my darling family 🙂


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