Wang Dae Bak @ China Square Central

It was Friday night and 10 of us in the office decided to make our way to a nice dinner at Wang Dae Bak. A few of them had been to this place before and they liked it, so we decided to go to the same place again 🙂


We were in a rush when we reached the restaurant hence I did not take the entrance and restaurant pictures. I remembered entering the restaurant and walking through quite a long pathway, passing by several round tables filled with customers, busy BBQ-ing and eating their hearts out.


Korean alcohol in Singapore is so sadly expensive. Not many of us like soju, so we ordered Hite and Rice Wine (Mak-Geu-Li).


There was complimentary iced barley tea as well – YAY.


Service was brisk. Within 2 minutes after we ordered, banchan was served!


And they were right in front of me. Man, seeing so much food made me a happy girl!

P1000544Their kimchi was good – just the right sour and spice level.

P1000545This was unique to me – when Maria and I tasted it we both found it weird. So I asked Young to try. Now, Young is a Korean and he was like, the expert that night – or rather, the rest of us were the blur ones!

Young took a swipe into his mouth and went “yeah, that’s sweet potato with mayo”. I went “OOOOHHH, so it’s made from sweet potato!” Usually this potato side dish that I eat at other Korean restaurants is the savoury type while this was sweet.


Young gave a tip on banchan – it IS refillable. I was telling him that not all Korean restaurants in Singapore allow refills. He went ‘it’s like an American going to a deli and having to pay for extra lettuce’.



By the way we got a room for the dinner – it was so cool leh – it was private, and liberating!


And our rice wine arrived – it’s usually served in a golden kettle with golden bowls. Can I just shriek for a second? I am sorry for being so ‘tourist’, but I really really love Korean culture!


Mushroom set for the BBQ.


Served in simple homely wooden trays, it came with 3 toppoki sticks 🙂


I almost couldn’t get this shot coz the staff already placed the plate down. But he saw me with the camera and went ‘You wanna take picture?’ and lifted it up again. Fantastic service heehee.


Here’s the BBQ plate! looks a bit like the Mookata plate hor?


Chicken wings! The wings are cut apart slightly for easy BBQ-ing 🙂


Some of my pics are blur – I took them in a hurry coz it was 10 of us and I didn’t wanna hold up the cooking and eating.


This is so blur – BUT i have to tell you – this is a MUST ORDER – SEAFOOD PANCAKE! It was bursting with ingredients and had a good tinge of oyster taste too!


Jap Chae side dish – I didn’t really get to try this – but it sure looked pretty 🙂


So the sides are for steamed eggs! I tell you, the staff pour the raw egg mixture using a big kettle – so cool right. and Young pointed out that during a BBQ, all side dishes and steamed egg are FREE FLOW.



Sizzle sizzle!


Young got this small pot of sesame oil with garlic and placed it on the grill. Instead of eating garlic off the grill like that and getting a smelly mouth, garlic cooked with sesame oil rids the garlic of the smell and sesame oil is a very healthy oil too.

and he was right – no smelly mouth for me 🙂


And a group pic before dinner – just so we would look slimmer before gorging ourselves silly.



This was a tofu with kimchi – a very nice dish where the tofu was cool and kimchi was hot – fantastic combination!


and here’s the pork belly – so much better than Manbok coz the thickness is much more like the one I had in Jeju 😛 yay.


And beef shabu shabu – This was the STAR of the night.


Naturally, Young was the main cook at our table and he said that Korean girls judge guys by their cooking skills. If they can cook well, it means that the guy is a keeper. 🙂

This beef, when it went into my mouth, it was so juicy and melted in my mouth literally. SO GOOD.


And without further ado, in went the pork belly!

And we had countless refills of that steamed egg 😀


It’s nearly 1am now and I am salivating while looking at the pics 😦


Beautiful isnt it? I can certify Young as a good cook already!


The other table is -ANYHOW COOK – QUICKLY COOK SO I CAN EAT – kind of table hahaha.


And Japees was clearly enjoying himself.


Young cut up the pork belly neatly – well done! the pork belly was good too – i so wanna go back to eat again.


During the course of the dinner, Young was the guy who ordered the food because he could converse in Korean with the Korean staff there – and so he was there yakking away and he got along with them quite well – until the lady boss asked if he wanted some aged kimchi!

This kimchi was THREE YEARS OLD. Maybelline went “will we be okay after eating this?” lol. Young said this was supposed to go on the grill coz eating it like that is simply too sour.


Raspberry wine – Bokbunjaju – was the other star of the night – it was such an easy and sweet wine! very addictive! Young said that it is believed to improve man’s sexual stamina. In fact, the literal meaning of the name of this wine is that you will break the toilet bowl after drinking this 😀

Ladies leh? HMM.

P1000587and everyone got a lot happier after this raspberry wine, as you can see.

P1000588Tricia and Anne, two lovely and fun ladies who fell in love with the raspberry wine too.


Tricia, Anne, Maybelline and me – all fun loving peeps in the office on the same floor as me – yay to great colleagues!


First time in my life I tried NaengMyeon – Korean cold noodles. Young was saying that BBQ is usually an appetizer and Koreans will usually have an entree after the BBQ, and NaengMyeon was one of the choices.


The noodles looked seemingly dull and tasteless but I was so utterly wrong! It was so tasty on its own! Quite chewy and springy in texture – and the coldness gave it a very refreshing taste. Wins hands down compared to the Japanese cold soba in my opinion 🙂

I have absolutely no complaints about the food. I learnt so much from Young that night – he freely shared many interesting tips on Korean dining and culture – and dining with a native Korean in a Korean restaurant is SOOOO different, so many things to learn. It’s not just eat and be done with – there are many intricacies in Korean dining!

Hard to comment on the service though – coz the staff probably knew that they gotta ‘behave’ themselves coz Young was there hahhaa. I shall go there on my own again and let you know if their good service still stands!


Manbok BBQ & Seafood Korean Restaurant at Bukit Timah

This is such an overdue post – the late dinner happened… 3 weeks ago?

Hubby and I met up with Chin Chi & Sandy for a late chat that night. Chin Chi asked hubby to meet them opposite Beauty World and so we went. Hubby and I rarely visit the western side of Singapore, so when we parked and alighted, we were quite surprised by the long stretch of eateries opposite Beauty World!

We settled at Manbok coz it looked very nice heehee.


And they got this nice BBQ promotion for only $59 – bottom right 🙂


It was about 9plus already. The whole stretch of that road was bustling with diners – i seriously dunno whether they came from.

This restaurant was quite spacious, with a few natives eating inside.

20140808_211157While waiting.


Actually I don’t eat Korean BBQ very often. So I dunno how I should eat with the oil and the paste given. I know the vegetables are used as wraps.


Banchan!! This is what I love about Korean dining and how they sync with the Singapore culture – you get more than what you pay for ahahaha.


Quite a variety of banchan too!


Just the banchan before the meat arrived. Doesn’t it looks lovely?


Close up of their kimchi


and Jap Chae.


At first I thought that was butter – then I realised that it was garlic.


This came along with the meat as well – I dunno how I should eat this either!


Cooking with charcoal – very nice hor!!!


Continue with banchan close ups.


Hubby and I – I looked horrible – all day at work, then at home with the kids – yes i should look horrible lol.


and in went the pork belly *sizzle*


many kinds of pork parts! Don’t ask me what i’m eating hahaha. I just eat!


haha the pork belly slices are like 1/10 the thickness of what I had in Korea..



This is also part of the package – steamed egg. The way they do it is so cute.


It’s like a cake thats puffed up 🙂 hubby liked this.


Last portion of the package – a big bowl of pat pingsu!!!!!! and it’s so yum – their combination of red beans and chocolate sauce is strange but still very nice hahaha.

The staff working there are all Koreans – very helpful and they try their best to answer our questions even though their English not very good (well we tried our best to understand them also haha). For about $65, this meal can feed about 3 of us so I think it’s super worth it!

This Friday – I am going to a supposedly very good Korean BBQ restaurant – Wang Dae Bak – with colleagues – 10 of us! And my Korean colleague Young is going – I shall ask him all the stuff I dunno abt eating Korean BBQ and will share with u guys!! 😀


Voices worth listening to in Voice of China (中国好声音第三季)

I am currently watching 中国好声音第三季 (Voice of China 3rd Season) – quite addicted to it to be honest. It’s the first competition where judges use only their ears to decide the winners, well at least in the beginning when they choose who they want to be on their team.. I didn’t watch the previous seasons so I don’t really know how the actual competition will proceed lol.

But anyway, there are a couple of voices which really really brought tears to my eyes. The first is this chap:

This is my absolute favourite – his voice is simply filled with such overwhelming emotion – never mind the gender – just close your eyes and listen!

This is another one – she actually used to be a singer, but then now she’s a music teacher. Her voice too – really brought the song to life. Her voice is so feminine and vulnerable.

If only I can sing like them! For some people, singing well comes naturally to them – but I am the sort who needs to keep practising regularly to widen my vocal range and sing steadily at least. Hard to do that at this stage of my life so I will just make do with listening to great voices like these 🙂

Crazy week

Life has a way of dumping even more things on you when you already have your plate full. I would say that I kinda like it in a way.. but it really does get overwhelming at times.

(It doesn’t help in my blogging when there are 2 ladies behind me on the bus chatting in dramatic mandarin like majiam they are in some period drama. Super high lor both of them =_= And they are coughing away while laughing. Super inconsiderate. Never cover mouth de.)

Ok anyway, this post is to jus let u know that I’ve been busy with work and I promise to blog soon!! Till then, enjoy the moment!


GastroSmiths Bistro & Bakery @ Beach Road (Food Review)

GastroSmiths opened its doors very recently on Beach Road, just diagonally opposite my office. We have walked past GastroSmiths a few times while on our way to the usual lunch place at Chongqing Steamboat and we finally decided to try it out on Friday.

Maybelline and Serene walked over first and managed to get a long table for our group of 8 outside the cafe. Pretty breezy (after a morning storm), so outside was fine. The rest of us got there at about 1pm and the indoor seating was already pretty full – looks like people have started noticing this place!

Now I’m excited coz this place serves egg brunch items as well!


I am especially interested in their 63 degree eggs. According to the friendly waiter, the eggs are cooked with that temperature, resulting in eggs with softer whites than poached eggs and yolks remain runny (something like that, it was such a long sentence and I was hungry..)

So I ordered Sea-ly Eggs and a cappucino to try, since the waiter gave very high praises for their Highlander coffee beans.


Here’s their beverage menu. The best cappucino I’ve tasted was at November8 where there was zero sourish aftertaste. Let’s see how GastroSmiths coffee turns out to be!


The cafe isn’t very big – I walked through the cafe to get to the toilet and it seemed quite small inside – but I don’t find that an issue at all – being compact and practical is the in thing nowadays isn’t it? As long as the food is good – i don’t really care about the space, as long as it’s clean and comfy.


This is the first cappucino I see that’s served with a sachet of sugar, which I really appreciate. Other cafes serve their coffee assuming that everyone takes them without sugar! Maybe someone can educate me – should we drink coffee without sugar, so as to show that we are true coffee drinkers? Or is it jus a matter of personal preferences? Whenever i am being served coffee without any sugar on the cup or on the table, I get the vibe that I am not supposed to add sugar.

Anyway, this cappucino had a slightly sourish aftertaste – so it didn’t win the one at November8. But it was nutty and pleasant nevertheless!


Jasvir’s cappucino with less milk – there’s another name for it – something-cino. Jasvir told me but I forgot! 😦


Messy basket of utensils – but they look clean enough 🙂


My Sea-ly Eggs came in a HUGE plate with this deep hole in the middle. There sat the 2 eggs and on top of it were slices of smoked salmon, seaweed, scallions and a piece of toasted bread.


The first impression that Tricia and I had was “Wah looks little”. The shape and size of the plate had a lot to do with it. Seriously, if you serve this to a hungry woman (like me), I won’t be very pleased coz the impression is that – it won’t fill me up!

Actually it will look much better if they add a second piece of toasted bread, so the plate won’t look so bare. Hor?

Anyway, taste-wise – I was happy with it. The addition of chilli oil enhanced the taste of the eggs and of course the smoked salmon did its part by adding salt to the whole meal, in a good way ahaha. Overall it was a good combination of the ingredients.

63 degree eggs – it totally looked like Yakun soft-boiled eggs to me – except that it somehow tasted and looked slightly thicker than soft-boiled eggs.

I have to mention the toasted bread though – it was really good and crumbly for a simple piece of bread!

I finished my meal in 5 minutes. Didn’t feel really satisfied, but I did feel full the rest of that afternoon lar.


Andrea’s Mushroom sandwich – looks yummy – but I would have preferred french fries to go along if I were the one eating.


My first truffle fries – John graciously lent his hands for the picture 🙂 Yup I could taste the truffles and they were good – but it’s my first time trying truffle fries and I shall reserve my comments. Where else serve good truffle fries??


Tempura wings – everyone liked this! I was okay with it but mine was a bit undercooked.


Jasvir’s chopped eggs sandwich. Now i feel like going back there again for their sandwich because I loved the toasted bread that came with my Sea-ly Eggs 🙂

Service wise – the waiter who served us was friendly and very smiley – he even asked us if we used to frequent some place at Clarke Quay coz he finds us familiar lol. The boss of the place (I assume he’s the boss coz he’s in civilian clothes) also asked us how was the food.

While we walked back, Andrea, Maybelline and I were talking about the food. Maybelline and Serene loved their Shio Koji Prawn Linguine coz there were many prawns inside! I again spoke about the small portion of my eggs wahaha and went :

“If a meal makes me happy and full, I don’t care how much I pay”. I recall my first cafe experience at Comman Man Coffee Roasters where their breakfast made me soooooo satisfied – and that meal cost me double the price of this Sea-ly Eggs, yet I was bursting with happiness that time wahaha.

I may be back again for their dinner items – and maybe have a try again at their coffee!

Marché Mövenpick @ Suntec City – Food Review

We walked past Marche Movenpick after we got down from Alive Museum on Sunday. The first thing that struck me was the AMAZING PASTRY DISPLAY.



Are these real?! They look so so so so GORGEOUS! I just couldn’t stop oogling.


They looked just like the market stalls in Melbourne when we were there! 😀


Actually these are not very expensive.. a few Breadtalk items also above $2 lor.

Ok so in we went to eat. Needed some lunch anyway!


I guess we are all familiar with the Marche style. You get this card at the counter, go in, charge whatever you order to the card, and then pay up before getting out of there. Remember anot?

It’s still the same 🙂

I also noticed something different about Marche. The whole place was filled with Caucasian staff! There were more Caucasians than Asians working, which gives off such a great ambience, like as though you are really in an European market!


I tell you, I literally went crazy in there. Everything was PICTURE PERFECT.


See the amount of salad greens!


Everything jus looks so fresh and clean.


When I came to this part, the realisation that came to my mind was “if only this was a buffet deal…”.

Then I got quite sad..


The layout was like a buffet…. but i cannot eat all of them. Eat one pay one.

Shrugs. Good also la, I’m on a diet!!


Here’s the salad section. Check out the juicy mushrooms.


Savoury crepes section.


I LOVE CREPES OK! I used up ALL of my willpower just to resist ordering one for myself 😦


We did order a crepe – for my girl. This was one of the few Asian staff – he was very polite and friendly 🙂 he immediately got busy making the crepe.


And as I waited, I turned around and continued to take pics *snap snap snap* This is a heaven for food photographers!


All staff were neatly dressed, looking very clean and proper.


It was about 1145am on a Sunday, so it wasn’t very crowded. I wonder if it gets really packed in the evenings?


The whole place was nicely decorated with wholesome hearty furnishings.


And the crepe was halfway done! He started putting in the tomato sauce.


LOTS OF CHEESE. Oh we ordered a mushroom crepe by the way. Cheese was probably one of the other ingredients.


He added in lots of vegetables too (after asking us if he could add vegetables).


And it was done! It was a huge crepe for $10!


It was too much for my girl. She had half while hubby took the other half.


Man it looks so good.


I am literally drooling now as I type. ARGH. I can totally imagine devouring the cheesy mushroom crepe now.


I think I expert in resisting grains le. I had salad ok. I think it’s quite expensive. Medium plate for $10.90 – their medium plate is quite small in my opinion.


Sweet ending to our lunch – their very own ice cream!

I am really quite impressed by Marche’s revamp – service was perfect and their food was prepared skilfully. One day if I decide to have a cheat day, I will definitely go back to Marche – have a savoury crepe, sweet crepe, pork knuckle and rosti!!

Visit to Alive Museum Singapore

Having gone to Trick Art Museum in Jeju in February 2012 and then Trickeye Museum in Singapore in June 2014, I was ALL READY to check out Alive Museum when it landed in Singapore!

And as if God had heard my thoughts, I received two complimentary tickets to visit Alive Museum Singapore from omy Blog Club last week!! *WOOT*

CAUTION – THIS IS A LONG POST WITH MANY PICS. That’s what Alive Museum is all about eh?


And so we happily went on Sunday morning – wanted to be the first few to enter the museum so we have more space to ourselves hopefully. Having gone to Trickeye at RWS, it was quite cramped and we had to queue up to take pictures!

We reached Suntec at about 930am, 30minutes before opening hours.


We drove. Was pretty easy, just park at the Red Zone where Towers 3 and 4 are. Here was where we parked! You can check their website for more information on directions.

And if you are early like us, you can go to Kopitiam located beside Alive Museum! That was what we did hahaha.


My favourite colours.


I remembered the day when we went Trickeye at RWS back in June. Trickeye is located near Aston’s and there is no air-conditioning at the ticketing counter outside the museum. It was a pain having to queue outside the museum – weather was humid and I was basically getting roasted while waiting! Alive, on the other hand, is located right inside Suntec – queue up in air-con comfort! And before or after your visit, settle your meal at Kopitiam or Burger King. It’s just sooooo convenient!


See, this is what I mean. I got my tickets nearly immediately and in we went!

As expected, my first observation was that the space constraint is similar to that of Trickeye in RWS. Why I say this is because, in the TrickArt Museum we went to in Jeju, it was a whole building on its own – inside was so spacious and the art can be HUMONGOUS…LIKE THIS:


This was one of the pics taken in Jeju. SO I say, cannot compare one. Singapore everywhere also space constraint. Got 3D art museum come Singapore for you to see consider very good liao ok!

Alrighty, on to more pictures taken at Alive Museum!


Tell you first, when I face camera, I only know how to smile. Me not actress wahaha.


This does look rather ghostly in the beginning. But it was damn cool!!


Pose as dancer and smile – can.


Who thought of this…


Wendy the Mermaid with Nemo and Dory.


LOL hubby going to hit the wall if he goes any nearer!!


Quite a few gross pictures here ahahaha.


I like this picture coz it makes me look petite *bimbo-mode-on*


Check out my spastic face.


They really utilised the space very well!


Have you seen such a happy girl being sucked into a tornado?

I tell you, this pose was not easy… Hubby was moving about trying to get the angle right… and I arched myself as upward as I could… and having a bad back really doesn’t help!

But as you can see, it really looks quite real hor!


Ok I was seriously freaked out by this. I don’t like walking on look-through floors and these effects that show a bottomless pit freaked me out even more!!


How about a bottomless pit filled with ladybugs?


This was a good one, one of my favourites! I love BIG pictures!


Another spastic smile.


Wings are everywhere in these museums. Guess people do like to think that they can fly.


No kidding – I really stood upside down.


Maybe the angle isn’t right – doesn’t look real enough hor..


LOL ya i tink it’s the angle – i should have stooped down lower to take the pic. Now you know!


I like this too!


Kena tekan by Ryu. Got wind effect some more leh!


This paper boat reminds me of the tin solder story!


U know, such pics let you be in situations that you will never imagine yourself doing…


And you can imagine yourself in such beautiful gardens that only exist in…. England for example?!


I think hubby is a natural poser.


This one he never pose – he can play quite well in fact!


This has to be the most realistic – see how that fake waist fit his real waist so well wahahha.


This museum should be called “Dreams Come True” Museum…lolol.


Not bad leh hubby.

Actually these are not exhaustive – there are plenty of other nice art pieces – you can check out Yvette’s blog for her visit!


This art is located at the entrance of the museum – no need to pay also can take pic here! Heee.

Alive Museum is a place where you don’t have to be shy – everyone’s making silly faces and even sillier poses in there – so just let your hair down, make full use of the art pieces, take the best pictures and create the most beautiful memories with your loved ones!

And by the way, Alive Museum currently has a really cool promotion – simply like them on their Facebook Page, buy a full-priced ticket and get a free Burger King meal! Details can be found here.

You can also purchase your tickets online and avoid the queue – I think this is a really good idea coz no one likes to queue twice…

After all, life is an adventure – why wait? Do it now!