Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 @ Sin Ming (2nd Food Review)

It was yet another weekend where we had no idea where to go for dinner. So hubby called Two Chefs and reserved a table for dinner. I went, OH THEY GOT TAKE IN RESERVATIONS AH? I thought such zhi char places don’t take reservations one. Oh well, I was happy la, coz it meant that we don’t need to wait. It’s a non-aircon place, so it’s no fun waiting.

So we drove there and in 2 minutes we reached. It was about 645pm. We live just 1 bus stop away so it was really near. We can actually walk la, but with 2 kids … just drive…anyway there are ample parking lots.

We got there and there was a huge crowd already!! Hubby immediately went to order dishes first, in case we had to wait too long due to the crowd. Then we started waiting for our table.

Wait wait wait… we waited for a good 10 minutes for our table.

THEN RESERVE FOR WHAT YOU TELL ME. You should put a big RESERVE sign on the table and WAIT FOR US TO ARRIVE AND SEAT US IMMEDIATELY. If you scared got crowd, you inform the customer that you hold the table only for like 10 minutes. Got so difficult meh?

We got a table by the side. I thought sit inside won’t be so windy, coz the first time we were there, we sat outside and the wind was relentlessly blowing us away.

I was wrong. There was a big-ass fan blowing right at our table.

Sigh. I am not fond of a windy dinner you know.


The kids watched some Pocoyo on the iPad while waiting for the food. It didn’t take very long, thank goodness.


Prawn Paste chicken. They were okay when we had them the first time so we ordered again.


Hubby took a piece and started tearing it into pieces for my elder girl. He took a bite and frowned to no end. I asked SIMI DAIJI. He said ‘it’s cold’.

I went to poke the chicken with finger. Yes it was freaking cold. Like left in the open air for hours liao. =_=

The lady came shortly to deliver the vegetables. I passed the whole plate of chicken to her and told her that they were cold. She went “Cold ah?” in Mandarin. I went “Ya, you touch lor”. Without another word she went in with the plate. I was like, whatever, just gimme hot chicken.

And when she returned with the plate of chicken, I felt like laughing. It was so obvious that they were the exact same pieces of chicken. They merely put the chicken into the hot oil and warmed them up. The skin looked crispier and slightly white in colour, like they were deep fried a second time la!

But the good thing was, they still tasted very nice la. But the professionalism isn’t there la. 🙂


We ordered this 3-egg vegetables again, coz we need the gravy for the elder girl. They were okay, but tasted as though there’s some wine in it. Anyone feels the same way?


This Fragrant Beancurd is one of their signature dishes and almost every table ordered this.


It was indeed good! I think from the pic, you already can tell that the minced pork WILL GO SUPER WELL WITH WHITE RICE.

Now, the beancurd is a surprise. I expected simple fried beancurd lor, but when I sank my teeth in it, and started chewing, the consistency of the soft beancurd inside the deep fried skin was slightly mushy like mashed potato and it tasted fabulous, not the typical tofu taste.

I think hor – got secret recipe one.


Haha we ordered this assam pot AGAIN also. This pot of soury spicy goodness for $10 only leh – cannot don’t order. my mum and i basically slurped everything up hahaha (only to find ourselves guzzling water at home afterwards lol).

It was packed, very packed. Many families and big groups. I think i must go earlier for dinner next time.


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