Yoogane Singapore @ Bugis Junction (Food Review)

Instead of Paris Baguette, we went to YOOGANE instead! Been wanting to try Yoogane ever since it opened its doors a few months ago!!

It was a group of 7 of us who went at 12pm – Young, Kai Lit, Tricia, Serene, Hwee Yee, Maybelline and myself. Hungry, and all ready to eat.

Thankfully Tricia reached there early to chop 2 tables for us. So we managed to get seated immediately after we arrived 🙂


Every table has this stove obviously… coz it’s a Galbi restaurant. A quick search on Wikipedia says “Kalbi or galbi generally refers to a variety of grilled dishes in Korean cuisine that are made with marinated beef (or pork) short ribs in a ganjang-based sauce (Korean soy sauce).” I have had Dak Galbi in Chinatown some time back with Belle and it was a really good dinner. And of coz my meals in Korea during my trip there were all so memorable!

Ok on to Yoogane.


I was sitting with Kai Lit and Maybelline, so we ordered this Seafood and Chicken Galbi for 2-3pax. Looks good hor hor hor.


WHile waiting, we kept ourselves busy by going to the banchan counter and helping ourselves to the kimchi and pickles. Not a big variety but it was okay 🙂 I had the kimchi only.


Iced water was served. I thought it was iced brown rice tea lol. Oh well.


Kimchi was good! Argh i wanna go somewhere with 5-6 banchan dishes soon.


And the big pan came. Filled with all my favourite stuff – leeks, toppoki, vegetables!


Cooking will be done by the friendly staff. They pour the meat in and waited a while for the stove to heat up. OH and they will put the round cover before they start cooking, so it doesnt get spilled over.


When i was in Korea, i remembered doing the cooking for my table for 4..



There – the meal in Korea! Managed to locate the pics! YUM YUM YUM. I tell you, in Korea, the portions were WAY BIGGER. Check out the amount of cabbage!! And the cabbage in Korea was like 200% sweeter!


After I stir fried it with rice added – imagine the aroma and hungry tummies heehee.


If I don’t remember wrongly, We managed to finish nearly all of it haha. U know la, winter time, anything hot tastes so good! Hubby gained 4kg when we came back from the 8-day trip lor hahahaha.



I really felt like doing it myself u know. more feel mah lol.


The squid was cooked in the end, which was correct.


After cooking, the food has shrunk and suddenly it didn’t look enough for the 3 of us anymore :X


But it still looked very appetizing regardless!  Couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into one of those juicy leek pieces.


Maybelline kindly helped me take this picture. As you can see, the amount didn’t really look that big in the end. Or is it just me?

Rice is a separate order. Maybelline and I went without rice but Kai Lit (our guy colleague) had a bowl.

(in Korea, rice was free flow.. and their rice was ridiculously yummy for some reason)


Their squid was beautiful and tasty, the texture was soft and wasn’t tough at all!

The 3 of us paid $20 bucks each after taxes. According to Young (native Korean) who also tried this for the first time, he said that it’s about 70% authentic (!!!). and we both agreed that the meal will be much better WITH ALCOHOL. ahahaha.

And of course, nothing beats the real thing in Korea. I should go back there during winter time again leh, feel the super cold weather and eat the super hot stews and BBQs!


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