Shokudo @ Kallang Wave Mall (Food Review)

The mall isn’t even fully open yet. But it was crowded just now when we were there. It was nearly 7 and queues were starting to form at every eatery =_=…

Thankfully the mall is a spacious one so we could still walk comfortably with a bouncy primary school kid and a bulky stroller in tow. Plenty of families there, probably like us, first time at the mall to check it out. After about 5 minutes of waiting, we got seated at Shokudo.

It was our first time at Shokudo. Although they have a few outlets in singapore, we never tried it. The first thing I realised was that they have many men working as front of house staff. Is that the usual Shokudo culture? I dunno. But what pleased me was that they seem very Singaporean to me. I’ve got a thing for local f&b staff. its really hard to find singaporeans who are willing to work as waiters u know!

Service was good – the guys were polite and very quick in their action. They were dressed in smart black attire and seemed like they know what they were doing. Even in a crowded restaurant, things seemed to be going on pretty well.


The plentiful condiments on the table.. I made an observation.  The cheese powder was fresh and powdery soft! The cheese powder that I ALWAYS encounter in other restaurants was always clumpy and moist… This point sure impressed me coz it meant that they are very strict in checking little things like these.

When I was working in Outback Steakhouse,  it was as strict too. I had to make sure that the pepper and salt were nicely filled and cleaned every single night as part of the closing. The supervisor would make a thorough check before I could go home!


Cutlery and serviettes in a basket.  4 sets of every possible cutlery we might use lol.


Hubby and I ordered iced green tea which was free flow. Their refilling was very prompt too.


We shared this teriyaki chicken maki – it looked a bit messy but tasted quite good. Not super gourmet kind of good but my elder girl was happy with it!


I ordered a garlic steak. Hungry hubby and elder girl took all the fries. The small hill of rice went to my baby girl. Just nice for her – it was like fried rice with ketchup! Ya so I had just the steak.


The steak was tender and done nicely in medium. I thought the steak itself tasted rather bland but it was okay with the garlic butter sauce on top. Maybe it’s the Japanese way of doing steak..


Wow my elder girl’s carbonara looked heavenly with the runny egg on top! She loves runny eggs and was thrilled to see it on her pasta haha. I had her leftover bacon bits in the end and I tasted a bit of the sauce. Surprise surprise. Yes I was really surprised. The sauce tasted great even though it already cold!


Hubby waited quite a while for his curry rice.  It finally came and I think it was worth the wait. We noticed that many people had this.


The curry was thick and flavourful. And the beef patty that came with it was thick and juicy. Hubby got so full that he passed me a bit of the patty with the cabbage and cheese.

I was impressed yet again. and I don’t find my steak nice anymore.  Their carbonara and curry rice was way nicer!!

Very good experience at Shokudo Kallang Wave Mall. Hope it keeps up and not just be good in the beginning!!


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