Was I so round??


The picture on the left was taken when I was about 60 to 62kg, or maybe more.. It was before my 2nd pregnancy, maybe in 2011-2012. I saw this picture while browsing thru the old albums and decided to do a comparison.

The picture on the right was taken today during lunch.. and I am at 55kg now.

What a difference.

Anyway I just wanna share an observation I made just these two days. I’ve been eating more this week and I noticed that my back doesn’t ache that badly in the evening. I also feel more energetic.. Not sure why but I think it could be that I’ve been eating too little all this while.. either too little or what I was eating didn’t give me adequate nutrition to support my body well enough.

But i definitely do not want to gain back the weight that I’ve lost over the months lor! I think 55 is the max i should go. But i need to go down to 53 or 54 first so there will be some buffer.

So, in order to eat more for energy but not gain any more weight, I’ll be starting to do brisk walking soon, maybe thrice a week. Haha very ambitious to say thrice a week. But it’s the ideal isn’t it? Exercise helps to tone the body and also improves metabolism. So in the end i will look and feel better. It’s a good investment!

Well I never know until I try out. Life is an adventure. Never try never know! Just do it!


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