Ah Loy Thai @ Shaw Towers (Food Review)

I really think I should start skipping breakfast and dinner so I can save space for my increasingly frequent lunches.

Actually today, I was already eating my Greek yogurt in the office at about 12. Had only fruits in the morning so I was hungry.

Then Anne and Maybelline asked me to go lunch with them.. hard to say no.. so yes I went with them! Ha. So I gotta re adjust my calorie intake plan now..

We took a short walk to Shaw Towers and decided to have Thai food. as we were pretty early we managed to get a table immediately. it looks like a family business, the host who showed us to our table was a polite uncle who looked like part of the family business haha.

We were given this order chit – choices aren’t a lot but i guess it was alright. The only curry they have is green curry, and they have the usual tom yum soup, stir fry dishes etc. and today, their salad dishes were all out of stock =_= oh well, doesn’t really matter la.

The restaurant was quite empty at first, then the crowd started strolling in at about 1230-1245pm and there was even a queue outside at some point.

Our dishes came quite quickly!


A nice portion of tom yum seafood soup. looks good with all the seafood swimming in it. I find it quite different from the usual tom yum soups I tasted elsewhere. This one was sweeter and less sour. And the spicy-ness was a bit too much for me. Anne and Maybelline found it okay though *salute*


They give quite a bit of rice, which none of us finished.


Basil Beef stir fry which I really liked – the beef was tender and flavourful! Very good complement to the rice heehee.


This pandan chicken was a winner – chicken was succulent and well-marinated – every bite was juicy. And the best part was, this restaurant doesn’t use a lot of MSG  coz i wasn’t thirsty after the meal!


This is one of my favourite vegetable – sweet potato leaf. This dish was good too – err to me every kind of stir fry vegetable is good – hahahhaa.

I did not eat as much actually, coz I was not very hungry to start with. But the company was good, Anne was very thrilled to be finally out for lunch after days of being cooped up in office piled up with work. And Maybelline, being the newbie to the company, had to be ‘interrogated’ by us haha.

And guess what, I am going out for lunch tomorrow too 🙂 to PARIS BAGUETTE at Bugis Junction basement!

Think I shall just skip breakfast…


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