OZ Specialty Coffee @ Thomson V Two (Food Review)


It was a lazy Saturday morning. Well i felt super lazy coz i am always in lack of sleep on Saturday mornings – my cellgroup ends super late on Fridays and after that I take care of the baby.. so yes it means interrupted sleep. After hubby and I dropped Al at her tuition place, we decided to check out the cafe beside the tuition centre – OZ Specialty Coffee.

So the pic on top shows the carpark at Thomson V Two. Not a big carpark but it will have to do. Charges are quite okay – $1 plus 2 plus?


Hmm Thomson V Two is quite a complicated place. It’s like a maze and you will need to really walk in, out, around and through. Thankfully OZ Specialty Coffee is easy to find as it is located facing the road leading to the Sin Ming Ville flats. Hubby and I sat at the indoor bar counter coz it was a hot morning. We were the first customers!

I like the giant Scrabble alphabets 🙂


Here’s the alfresco area – clean white furniture against the greenery – very nice.


Hubby ordered the big breakfast while i ordered the smoked salmon platter. Drinks – thai iced coffee and iced mint chocolate!!


My camera’s a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX68.


I didnt notice these at first…hahaha. SO CUTE RIGHT!


And here’s hubby’s thai iced coffee looking normal.


and quite small too. sorry ah – we are cafe noobs. maybe this size is normal la. The thai iced coffee wasn’t to hubby’ liking…I didnt like it too coz it wasn’t the type of kopitiam coffee i liked 😛


My bag resting prettily against the brick wall.


Tada – my iced mint chocolate! I totally didnt regret ordering this.


It tasted like a dessert all on its own 🙂 the mint was generously given and it was a great pair up with chocolate!


Hubby’s big breakfast. Yum yum.


Portion isn’t too shabby and the bread was soft and warm, better than the rock hard toast at Common Man Coffee Roasters. but then again, maybe there are people who like hard toasted bread?


my smoked salmon platter – with generous serving of smoked salmon.


See see see – not bad right. i actually like everything on the plate. the salad dressing was slightly sweet, which is quite different from the usual vinaigrette and i loved it. the bread was super nice too which i will elaborate more below, the egg was filling, slightly runny and not too salty, and the smoked salmon was really a lot.


and they give a small pot of honey for my bread – amazing – how did they know i love honey!


Close up of the bread – i am so inspired to learn how to make scrambled eggs.

(yes i dunno how…hahahhaa. dun laugh k)


Well, this cafe’s food is simple. full stop. sometimes, simple food is sufficient. If you are looking for fancy stuff, you don’t come here.


and yes i would like to elaborate on the honey…and the bread….i tell u, this combination is one perfect couple.


No i did not finish the pot of honey. No i did not take it home either. wahaha.

Service – we were greeted by unprepared faces when we first went in. then we realised that they have not really opened for business yet. only when we sat down, a staff went to the door and flipped the CLOSED sign to OPEN *lols*. After that, everything was alright. It wasn’t really friendly chirpy service, but the staff did her job by informing us we gotta wait 10-15 minutes for our food. What mattered was we got our food within the time frame, food was good, drinks were okay!

Will I go back again? Yes i probably will, mainly coz it’s right beside Al’s tuition center. And it is a good place to chill and chat with hubby 🙂


2 thoughts on “OZ Specialty Coffee @ Thomson V Two (Food Review)

  1. Spring Tomorrow says:

    I was planning to come here on Sunday but changed venue in the end. Looks like a sumptuous spread for breakfast. I love smoked salmon! Gotta come for brunch soon. Thanks for sharing!

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