Bangkok Jam @ United Square (Food Review)

United Square is somewhere we like to go because it’s not crowded and only young families will go there. So what does it mean?

It means that when my family and I eat in the restaurants at United Square, we eat together with other young families with crying kids/ kids running around/ kids getting out of control, JUST LIKE US AND OUR KIDS.

It’s not so pressurizing compared to eating at places where there are just adults who want peace and quiet u know.

So this Bangkok Jam is new and I think it took over Xin Wang HK Cafe. We took a look at Bangkok Jam’s menu – really many items man – got grilled items, got noodle items, got curry items and many many more! With kids, we couldn’t really concentrate on reading menus so we just ordered a few items to share.



Phad Thai – Hubby insisted that I needed to share this with him and so I took some – it was okay but when I ate it, it was cold already I was busy feeding Am with some of Al’s hor fun…which is the next pic…


I really liked this hor fun – the taste was just the way I liked it. The original seafood hor fun is spicy I think, so when we ordered we requested for a non-spicy version and the chef gladly did it for us – and it was yummy 🙂



Their tom yum soup – it looked quite small in this bowl but we couldn’t finish it =_= I think it was a bit too spicy for my liking.


Last item we ordered – mixed grill. Everything was good except the beef. It was VERY TOUGH LEH. Like rubber.


When I got home, I started getting very thirsty and i concluded that it must be Bangkok Jam’s food – probably lots of MSG. Overall it wasn’t too bad – service was helpful and prompt, food came quickly. Kids were fairly cooperative but as usual, Al took an awful long time to finish half her food and Am was dying to get out of her seat. Hubby and I always have to gobble down our dinner when the kids are around!

This was last Saturday. Next day Sunday evening we went to Marina Square and I saw a stretch of nice restaurants…maybe will check that out this weekend? 🙂


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