Caveman Food at Square 2 (Food Review)

Yes yes I’m still on Paleo diet people! But I’ve been indulging more these days though.. Also known as cheating lol. As such my weight has slowly crept up to 55kg. So I’m gonna restart my strict routine again! And my new weight goal is – 50kg!!

Weekdays at work
Breakfast – 4 pieces of fruits (banana/ guava/ honeydew/ pineapple/ papaya etc)
Lunch – Greek yogurt with honey
Tea time – black coffee, nuts fruits fusion/ dark chocolate
Dinner – Soup if mum cooks. If not, it’s Greek yogurt again.

Eating clean unprocessed food is so vital and I cannot stress the importance of this enough! Clean unprocessed food unclogs our body system, makes it light, unburdened and weight loss/ good health will follow so naturally and automatically.

This is the tough part.. I usually just eat whatever the family eats. And that includes grains. I should really put a stop to this! Sigh.

And speaking about Paleo food, I finally had the chance to try Caveman Food today 🙂

It’s located at the basement of Square 2 among other small food outlets.

There isn’t any eating space there so people usually take away. But the nice lady mentioned that there are a few tables further down outside the wine shop where we can sit to eat there if we like. And that was what I did.

I excitedly ordered a half chicken set meal that comes with half a chicken, 2 sides and a drink. I chose the Mexican half chicken with broccoli and apples, along with honey aloe Vera drink.

The sweet potatoes look really tempting though.

And my take away looks like this. Hubby was shaking his head at this saying what a waste of materials. This box can be used for better purposes than putting food inside and then throwing it away immediately after!

Shrugs. I just wanna eat.

It was a great meal. The chicken was very well cooked to the point that even the breast meat was tender and juicy. But I was using plastic knife and fork so it wasn’t good enough. I ended up using my hands instead. Fortunately that wine shop area was quite quiet so no one could see my caveman eating look hahaha.

The meal cost $11.90 – I think it’s very worth it for a full Paleo meal!! Oh oh oh I loved the honey aloe Vera drink too. The aloe Vera is tasteless (means it’s not artificially sweetened yay!) and the honey drink is not too sweet but yet satisfying.

Great job Caveman Food – I hope Paleo will catch up real quick in Singapore! And there will be more Paleo options when dining out!


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