Common Man Coffee Roasters @ 22 Martin Road Singapore (Food Review)


Hubby and I were on leave yesterday as I went for my MRI scan in the afternoon. We left home early and made our way to River Valley area where Common Man Coffee Roasters is situated. As we drove into the carpark, I could see the cafe very clearly from the car. It looked really cosy and welcoming already!

And there is this flight of stairs that leads to the cafe.


Apparently this spot outside the main entrance is an area to leave your dogs 🙂 and may I add, this dog is super obedient and cool.



From my seat, I could see the bar area very clearly. The interior is really done up nicely and even though they make very very good use of the space, it doesnt look cluttered because they have a high ceiling. Nice.


They even have big round tables for bigger groups, but small groups who don’t mind sharing tables. Not sure how comfy are those high chairs though.


The cafe is walled up with glass panels and I love this area where you can have your breakfast undisturbed, and you can just stone away deep in your thoughts. Will be perfect if those chairs have nice cushion backs haha!


The fact that they use organic eggs from free-range chickens really chimes in with my diet principles! They aren’t Paleo though – obviously.


Hubby ordered the Common Man Full Breakfast and I ordered the Organic Eggs Benedict. I had a tough time deciding between Veggie Wonderland and Eggs Benedict!!


We ordered cappuccinos. They came in flintstone era cups. By the way Hubby and I are not cafe experts…not ang moh coffee experts either. So we were quite perplexed why we weren’t served sugar sachets. None on the table either.


Hubby had to ask for sugar and we got this bottle of brown sugar. After adding this into our coffee, the coffee tasted a bit sour. Is it normal??


Other than that, the cappucino was really smooth and fragrant. (I prefer kopitiam kopi anytime though, ang moh coffee doesn’t wake me up…)



Organic Eggs Benedict! Looking like a fortress surrounded by rocket jungle 😉


This Eggs Benedict comes with braised ox cheeks and toasted sourdough bread. I tell you, the combination is awesome.


What a lovely mess. Everything  just tastes so good altogether.


I was soooo full after this plate of heaven. $25 for a happy tummy – worth it.


And this is hubby’s Full Breakfast!! Very packed and crowded on the plate 🙂 see liao also happy to pay $26.

It was not crowded on a Monday morning, but there was a steady stream of customers walking in and towards 10am (when we are leaving), it started to get crowded.

Service – nothing to complain about. The waitress was polite and smiley, the waiter topped up our water promptly, the toilet was very clean and smells nice. I love the quirky interior and will definitely go back again for the Veggie Wonderland 🙂


(Side note – I really hate my Note 3 camera. The colours just look horrendous!) Maybe it’s time to get a proper camera..





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