Two Chefs Eating Place 双厨菜馆 @ Sin Ming (2nd Food Review)

It was yet another weekend where we had no idea where to go for dinner. So hubby called Two Chefs and reserved a table for dinner. I went, OH THEY GOT TAKE IN RESERVATIONS AH? I thought such zhi char places don’t take reservations one. Oh well, I was happy la, coz it meant that we don’t need to wait. It’s a non-aircon place, so it’s no fun waiting.

So we drove there and in 2 minutes we reached. It was about 645pm. We live just 1 bus stop away so it was really near. We can actually walk la, but with 2 kids … just drive…anyway there are ample parking lots.

We got there and there was a huge crowd already!! Hubby immediately went to order dishes first, in case we had to wait too long due to the crowd. Then we started waiting for our table.

Wait wait wait… we waited for a good 10 minutes for our table.

THEN RESERVE FOR WHAT YOU TELL ME. You should put a big RESERVE sign on the table and WAIT FOR US TO ARRIVE AND SEAT US IMMEDIATELY. If you scared got crowd, you inform the customer that you hold the table only for like 10 minutes. Got so difficult meh?

We got a table by the side. I thought sit inside won’t be so windy, coz the first time we were there, we sat outside and the wind was relentlessly blowing us away.

I was wrong. There was a big-ass fan blowing right at our table.

Sigh. I am not fond of a windy dinner you know.


The kids watched some Pocoyo on the iPad while waiting for the food. It didn’t take very long, thank goodness.


Prawn Paste chicken. They were okay when we had them the first time so we ordered again.


Hubby took a piece and started tearing it into pieces for my elder girl. He took a bite and frowned to no end. I asked SIMI DAIJI. He said ‘it’s cold’.

I went to poke the chicken with finger. Yes it was freaking cold. Like left in the open air for hours liao. =_=

The lady came shortly to deliver the vegetables. I passed the whole plate of chicken to her and told her that they were cold. She went “Cold ah?” in Mandarin. I went “Ya, you touch lor”. Without another word she went in with the plate. I was like, whatever, just gimme hot chicken.

And when she returned with the plate of chicken, I felt like laughing. It was so obvious that they were the exact same pieces of chicken. They merely put the chicken into the hot oil and warmed them up. The skin looked crispier and slightly white in colour, like they were deep fried a second time la!

But the good thing was, they still tasted very nice la. But the professionalism isn’t there la. 🙂


We ordered this 3-egg vegetables again, coz we need the gravy for the elder girl. They were okay, but tasted as though there’s some wine in it. Anyone feels the same way?


This Fragrant Beancurd is one of their signature dishes and almost every table ordered this.


It was indeed good! I think from the pic, you already can tell that the minced pork WILL GO SUPER WELL WITH WHITE RICE.

Now, the beancurd is a surprise. I expected simple fried beancurd lor, but when I sank my teeth in it, and started chewing, the consistency of the soft beancurd inside the deep fried skin was slightly mushy like mashed potato and it tasted fabulous, not the typical tofu taste.

I think hor – got secret recipe one.


Haha we ordered this assam pot AGAIN also. This pot of soury spicy goodness for $10 only leh – cannot don’t order. my mum and i basically slurped everything up hahaha (only to find ourselves guzzling water at home afterwards lol).

It was packed, very packed. Many families and big groups. I think i must go earlier for dinner next time.


Every prayer, every cry, You alone satisfy!

Lord of all the earth and all of heaven
I come and seek Your face
Worship You with all I have within me
Humbled by Your grace

Every heart, every nation
Every tribe, all creation
Will bow before Your presence and sing

You are high and lifted up
You are high and lifted up
And my soul sings hallelujah
To the Lamb, the Lamb of God
Hallelujah to the lamb

Lord of righteousness, You come in glory
Bright and morning star
And all my days I’ll worship and adore You
Healer of my heart

And every prayer, every cry
You alone satisfy
We will lift Your praise again and again

You are high and lifted up
You are high and lifted up
And my soul sings hallelujah
To the Lamb, the Lamb of God

Majesty, majesty
Jesus Lamb of God
Majesty, majesty
Holy are You Lord

It has been a tiring weekend as usual.. and the fact that today’s a public holiday has probably only prolonged the tiring weekend. But God is still good, I give thanks for His providence, protection and favour in my life 🙂 I am someone who is very prone to dwelling in my own small tiny troubled world and getting caught up in the little hiccups in life, which is no good. I have to look up and realise the big God who loves me!

Like today, i planned to start doing some brisk walking at my gym but it didn’t happen coz it got too late and i gotta tuck my girl in bed/ pray with her etc. by the time i am done it was past 1030pm. I was annoyed, and very tired.

Then I decided to just on the laptop and start listening to some worship songs. ha, it was a great decision. As i listened and meditated on the above song, i was drawn to worshipping God as usual and was just enjoying praising Him and giving Him all the glory. I slowly realised that I was just trying to do too many things with the 24 hours I have. Hence the burn out. Hence the frustration.

Eventually I came to a decision – I shall continue to tuck my girl in bed, chat with her and pray with her before she sleeps. I shall continue to impart godly principles in my childrens’ lives whenever I am with them. I shall continue to worship the Lord with all my heart. I shall continue to serve Him in this lifetime. That’s quite enough for 24 hours a day!

Shokudo @ Kallang Wave Mall (Food Review)

The mall isn’t even fully open yet. But it was crowded just now when we were there. It was nearly 7 and queues were starting to form at every eatery =_=…

Thankfully the mall is a spacious one so we could still walk comfortably with a bouncy primary school kid and a bulky stroller in tow. Plenty of families there, probably like us, first time at the mall to check it out. After about 5 minutes of waiting, we got seated at Shokudo.

It was our first time at Shokudo. Although they have a few outlets in singapore, we never tried it. The first thing I realised was that they have many men working as front of house staff. Is that the usual Shokudo culture? I dunno. But what pleased me was that they seem very Singaporean to me. I’ve got a thing for local f&b staff. its really hard to find singaporeans who are willing to work as waiters u know!

Service was good – the guys were polite and very quick in their action. They were dressed in smart black attire and seemed like they know what they were doing. Even in a crowded restaurant, things seemed to be going on pretty well.


The plentiful condiments on the table.. I made an observation.  The cheese powder was fresh and powdery soft! The cheese powder that I ALWAYS encounter in other restaurants was always clumpy and moist… This point sure impressed me coz it meant that they are very strict in checking little things like these.

When I was working in Outback Steakhouse,  it was as strict too. I had to make sure that the pepper and salt were nicely filled and cleaned every single night as part of the closing. The supervisor would make a thorough check before I could go home!


Cutlery and serviettes in a basket.  4 sets of every possible cutlery we might use lol.


Hubby and I ordered iced green tea which was free flow. Their refilling was very prompt too.


We shared this teriyaki chicken maki – it looked a bit messy but tasted quite good. Not super gourmet kind of good but my elder girl was happy with it!


I ordered a garlic steak. Hungry hubby and elder girl took all the fries. The small hill of rice went to my baby girl. Just nice for her – it was like fried rice with ketchup! Ya so I had just the steak.


The steak was tender and done nicely in medium. I thought the steak itself tasted rather bland but it was okay with the garlic butter sauce on top. Maybe it’s the Japanese way of doing steak..


Wow my elder girl’s carbonara looked heavenly with the runny egg on top! She loves runny eggs and was thrilled to see it on her pasta haha. I had her leftover bacon bits in the end and I tasted a bit of the sauce. Surprise surprise. Yes I was really surprised. The sauce tasted great even though it already cold!


Hubby waited quite a while for his curry rice.  It finally came and I think it was worth the wait. We noticed that many people had this.


The curry was thick and flavourful. And the beef patty that came with it was thick and juicy. Hubby got so full that he passed me a bit of the patty with the cabbage and cheese.

I was impressed yet again. and I don’t find my steak nice anymore.  Their carbonara and curry rice was way nicer!!

Very good experience at Shokudo Kallang Wave Mall. Hope it keeps up and not just be good in the beginning!!

Yoogane Singapore @ Bugis Junction (Food Review)

Instead of Paris Baguette, we went to YOOGANE instead! Been wanting to try Yoogane ever since it opened its doors a few months ago!!

It was a group of 7 of us who went at 12pm – Young, Kai Lit, Tricia, Serene, Hwee Yee, Maybelline and myself. Hungry, and all ready to eat.

Thankfully Tricia reached there early to chop 2 tables for us. So we managed to get seated immediately after we arrived 🙂


Every table has this stove obviously… coz it’s a Galbi restaurant. A quick search on Wikipedia says “Kalbi or galbi generally refers to a variety of grilled dishes in Korean cuisine that are made with marinated beef (or pork) short ribs in a ganjang-based sauce (Korean soy sauce).” I have had Dak Galbi in Chinatown some time back with Belle and it was a really good dinner. And of coz my meals in Korea during my trip there were all so memorable!

Ok on to Yoogane.


I was sitting with Kai Lit and Maybelline, so we ordered this Seafood and Chicken Galbi for 2-3pax. Looks good hor hor hor.


WHile waiting, we kept ourselves busy by going to the banchan counter and helping ourselves to the kimchi and pickles. Not a big variety but it was okay 🙂 I had the kimchi only.


Iced water was served. I thought it was iced brown rice tea lol. Oh well.


Kimchi was good! Argh i wanna go somewhere with 5-6 banchan dishes soon.


And the big pan came. Filled with all my favourite stuff – leeks, toppoki, vegetables!


Cooking will be done by the friendly staff. They pour the meat in and waited a while for the stove to heat up. OH and they will put the round cover before they start cooking, so it doesnt get spilled over.


When i was in Korea, i remembered doing the cooking for my table for 4..



There – the meal in Korea! Managed to locate the pics! YUM YUM YUM. I tell you, in Korea, the portions were WAY BIGGER. Check out the amount of cabbage!! And the cabbage in Korea was like 200% sweeter!


After I stir fried it with rice added – imagine the aroma and hungry tummies heehee.


If I don’t remember wrongly, We managed to finish nearly all of it haha. U know la, winter time, anything hot tastes so good! Hubby gained 4kg when we came back from the 8-day trip lor hahahaha.



I really felt like doing it myself u know. more feel mah lol.


The squid was cooked in the end, which was correct.


After cooking, the food has shrunk and suddenly it didn’t look enough for the 3 of us anymore :X


But it still looked very appetizing regardless!  Couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into one of those juicy leek pieces.


Maybelline kindly helped me take this picture. As you can see, the amount didn’t really look that big in the end. Or is it just me?

Rice is a separate order. Maybelline and I went without rice but Kai Lit (our guy colleague) had a bowl.

(in Korea, rice was free flow.. and their rice was ridiculously yummy for some reason)


Their squid was beautiful and tasty, the texture was soft and wasn’t tough at all!

The 3 of us paid $20 bucks each after taxes. According to Young (native Korean) who also tried this for the first time, he said that it’s about 70% authentic (!!!). and we both agreed that the meal will be much better WITH ALCOHOL. ahahaha.

And of course, nothing beats the real thing in Korea. I should go back there during winter time again leh, feel the super cold weather and eat the super hot stews and BBQs!

Was I so round??


The picture on the left was taken when I was about 60 to 62kg, or maybe more.. It was before my 2nd pregnancy, maybe in 2011-2012. I saw this picture while browsing thru the old albums and decided to do a comparison.

The picture on the right was taken today during lunch.. and I am at 55kg now.

What a difference.

Anyway I just wanna share an observation I made just these two days. I’ve been eating more this week and I noticed that my back doesn’t ache that badly in the evening. I also feel more energetic.. Not sure why but I think it could be that I’ve been eating too little all this while.. either too little or what I was eating didn’t give me adequate nutrition to support my body well enough.

But i definitely do not want to gain back the weight that I’ve lost over the months lor! I think 55 is the max i should go. But i need to go down to 53 or 54 first so there will be some buffer.

So, in order to eat more for energy but not gain any more weight, I’ll be starting to do brisk walking soon, maybe thrice a week. Haha very ambitious to say thrice a week. But it’s the ideal isn’t it? Exercise helps to tone the body and also improves metabolism. So in the end i will look and feel better. It’s a good investment!

Well I never know until I try out. Life is an adventure. Never try never know! Just do it!

Ah Loy Thai @ Shaw Towers (Food Review)

I really think I should start skipping breakfast and dinner so I can save space for my increasingly frequent lunches.

Actually today, I was already eating my Greek yogurt in the office at about 12. Had only fruits in the morning so I was hungry.

Then Anne and Maybelline asked me to go lunch with them.. hard to say no.. so yes I went with them! Ha. So I gotta re adjust my calorie intake plan now..

We took a short walk to Shaw Towers and decided to have Thai food. as we were pretty early we managed to get a table immediately. it looks like a family business, the host who showed us to our table was a polite uncle who looked like part of the family business haha.

We were given this order chit – choices aren’t a lot but i guess it was alright. The only curry they have is green curry, and they have the usual tom yum soup, stir fry dishes etc. and today, their salad dishes were all out of stock =_= oh well, doesn’t really matter la.

The restaurant was quite empty at first, then the crowd started strolling in at about 1230-1245pm and there was even a queue outside at some point.

Our dishes came quite quickly!


A nice portion of tom yum seafood soup. looks good with all the seafood swimming in it. I find it quite different from the usual tom yum soups I tasted elsewhere. This one was sweeter and less sour. And the spicy-ness was a bit too much for me. Anne and Maybelline found it okay though *salute*


They give quite a bit of rice, which none of us finished.


Basil Beef stir fry which I really liked – the beef was tender and flavourful! Very good complement to the rice heehee.


This pandan chicken was a winner – chicken was succulent and well-marinated – every bite was juicy. And the best part was, this restaurant doesn’t use a lot of MSG  coz i wasn’t thirsty after the meal!


This is one of my favourite vegetable – sweet potato leaf. This dish was good too – err to me every kind of stir fry vegetable is good – hahahhaa.

I did not eat as much actually, coz I was not very hungry to start with. But the company was good, Anne was very thrilled to be finally out for lunch after days of being cooped up in office piled up with work. And Maybelline, being the newbie to the company, had to be ‘interrogated’ by us haha.

And guess what, I am going out for lunch tomorrow too 🙂 to PARIS BAGUETTE at Bugis Junction basement!

Think I shall just skip breakfast…

Fika Swedish Cafe and Bistro @ Beach Road (Food Review)

Had the chance to do a food review again today during lunch coz we got a new colleague and we brought her out for lunch 🙂


it was my second time here. First time was with church friends and I had meatballs which wasn’t too impressive.

Their loft upstairs was closed during lunch so we sat below right in front of the bar.


The rest of the seating area. It was a bit cramped in my opinion but nicely done up.


I decided to try the roast beef crepe. The rest ordered grilled salmon, baked pasta and smoked salmon crepe! Yum.


They actually have set lunch as well but we didn’t go for it coz it’s quite limited.

And after a short chat, the food arrived!


Maria’s smoked salmon crepe – very healthy and neatly presented. Filled with smoked salmon!


My roast beef crepe – it looked totally like a murtabak hahaha.


I flipped open one end and wow it was filled with  big slab of roast beef steak and lots of creamy potatoes!


The beef was juicy, flavourful and tender. The potatoes were so yummy and addictive leh! The wrap itself was also tasty. I’m really very happy with what I’ve ordered. Super worth the calories!


Maybelline’s baked pasta. Their dishes got standard one – every dish looks good.


And look at this grilled salmon – it costs $23.90 but I think the amount of fish there justifies the price. And i love the presentation too 🙂

Everyone was happy with their food! Haha the roast beef crepe has won me over on this second visit 🙂