Thieves Essential Oil from Young Living

I made a trip down to Young Living’s office at Bugis Junction Towers today during lunch to get Thieves Essential Oil, which is an oil blend that’s effective in supporting the immune system.


This 15ml bottle cost me $54. It better work.

When I reached the office, I was rather surprised. I was expecting a quiet office where I just walk in and quickly get a bottle. But when the lift door opened, I was greeted by many other customers at a showroom and there were people actually serving queue numbers =_=

And so I pressed a q number and was served almost immediately.  But alas, the guy who served me directed me to another lady coz i wasn’t a member of Young Living.

Turned out that if I buy without being a member, I pay $71 instead of $54 for the Thieves Oil. And to become a member I have to buy about $150 worth of products.

After understanding the situation I told the lady to buy for me instead. I JUST WANT THE THIEVES OIL.

Well if this Thieves oil really work miracles, it isn’t too late to become a member isn’t it πŸ™‚

Will update u on this!!


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