June 2014 in Singapore

Just one word – UNBEARABLE.

Yes the weather is unbearable. In fact it has been unbearable since a few months ago!! My utility bills for the past few months have broken the record of reaching the $400 mark coz we have been turning on the air con so frequently. The kids just cannot tahan the humid stuffy weather 😦

And I’ve been slapping on my Odbo sunblock at home coz i can feel the harmful UV rays burning right through my walls and into my skin. Argh.

And the weather has brought quite a bit of inconvenience and trouble to my girls too. After having recovered from a bout of bacteria infections, now my elder girl is hit by a viral one that’s causing us lots of distress coz viral fevers tend to stay on for more days (doc says 5 to 7 days omt) and can’t be tackled by antibiotics.  And she’s someone who hates taking medicine so that adds on to the stress too.

I’ve just given her some manuka honey.. see if it works on her. Read that manuka honey helps in tackling viral infections. Will update u!


Here’s the one I got. Wedderspoon Manuka Honey 16+ 🙂

And so my hands are dry and rough from the incessant washing of hands with anti bacterial soap coz there are two kids in the house. Shrugs.


Somehow I feel that I’m changing a bit day by day, by these experiences. I will usually complain and blame everyone else for what I’m going through. Now I’m starting to accept them as they come, and make use of every moment (be it pleasant or unpleasant) to show love to the ones I love. The clock ticks by unrelentingly,  so I shouldn’t be spending the time being so inward!

Thank God for making me see. Thank God for leading and guiding 🙂 just being myself, just being where I am, just being who I am with, is the most precious thing I will ever own.


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