Chong Qing Grilled Fish + 糖水先 (Food Review)

It has been a tumultuous 2 weeks my friends. My girls took turns to fall sick and I’m right now resting at home due to stomach flu. The heartless scorching weather is making everything a few notches worse too!

and hence the delay in this dinner post. I met up with Yanxi and HM for dinner last  Thursday. We actually waited a quarter for this. Last time we went out was just before I quit the job and last Thursday was about 3 months later.

Both girls looked gorgeous as usual (yes I’m the oldest one among the three) and we just couldn’t wait to start tucking in. We ordered a medium fish in 一品香辣, 微辣 level, plus 3 small dishes and 2 bottles of their beer on promotion.


2 bottles for $10. Tasted quite mild (or should I say diluted) but we aren’t expert drinkers so we were okay with it. The staff also gave us a bucket of ice to make sure the beer was cold through out.


One of the small dishes, pigs ears and chicken claws. I was expecting the claws to be deboned lor…Zzz.. and don’t think they look very harmless, they are damn spicy can.


Deep fried 金针菇! Addictive crunchy dish!


Err this was some bean curd skin cucumber mix. Didn’t eat this coz i don’t eat bean curd skin on paleo diet 🙂


The fish came looking grand as usual. I was telling the girls that when I had this with hubby recently in the same spicy level,  the spiciness was very manageable and I could actually drink the soup.

But but but this time round, it was a lot more spicy leh! Sigh. Different chef? Or was it because last time I had a non alcoholic drink and it helped better in taking away the spiciness in the mouth?


Shrugs. Other than the spiciness level, the fish was tender and everything was okay. The restaurant was really quite full that evening despite it being a Thursday. If I hadn’t gotten there early at about 610pm to chope a table, we would have to wait.

After the dinner we decided to head to desserts – so many to choose from along the street!

Decided to settle in at 糖水先 coz it looked more crowded.


This had to be the best durian dessert I’ve ever tasted. I think the ice was durian shaved ice, there was durian paste at the top and durian ice cream at the side. Freaking durian all over. They added condensed milk to sweeten the whole deal too. It was one awesome dish.


And our Nutella Banana Waffle arrived! I don’t eat waffles like those cafe hoppers do so I’m no expert. But i liked these 🙂 love how they spread the Nutella so evenly and fairly ahaha. Think only a perfectionist like me will say that ahaha.


Totally didn’t regret indulging in this. Haha.


And we ordered these yolk custard buns.


As you can see, the yolk custard DID NOT FLOW OUT AT ALL.


But somehow these desserts ended off the evening damn well. Ahh the joy of desserts. I can never resist them.


The two lovely girls. The blue heart like majiam hair clip on HM hair. Haha.

Next venue for the quarterly meeting – Yoogane, the very famous Korean eatery that recently stormed into Singapore!


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