Live before You Die

The reality is that everyone is expending his life and burning through the finite fuel he’s been given, yet so many give very little thought to what they are living for.



Sunday had been a rather life-changing day.

Then again, every year during church conferences, it was quite life-changing. But somehow the hype jus died down after a week or two and life went back to normal.

This year, our church had the honor of having Evangelist Daniel Kolenda at the conference. Hubby and I attended whole conference on Sunday, and Daniel Kolenda appeared after lunch during the evangelistic rally. He spoke very clear English, which was great coz I am damn bad at deciphering accents. His whole demeanor portrayed a person sensitive and obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit. He was simple and sincere and he spoke his mind. Besides the signs and wonders which happened during the rally (it was like the book of Acts happening right before my eyes), something else came clear to me – that God uses people who obey His every word and every nudge.

In the morning, Pastor Rick Seaward preached about God using us to do the impossible and another thing came clear to me – God uses nobodies who are available. It hit me like a rock because I think I am a Christian who knows quite a bit about Christianity and I think I am quite a smart person. And to make matters worse, I am not really available in terms of having time. Whenever the Holy Spirit nudges me to do something, I will come up with all sorts of seemingly valid reasons to counter it. But as I look back, I realised why God had put me through certain experiences in the valley over these few years. (I just gotta learn the hard way sigh).

In the evening during the Kairos night, it was such a powerful encounter with God personally for me as I caught a vision of the Holy Spirit embracing me in a white gentle cloud. The whole stadium was filled with the love and grace of God! In that evening, I experienced the absolute submission to God in worship without any constraints and embarrassment. It was a very liberating experience.

It’s now Wednesday and the excitement is still very much present. I am reading the above book by Daniel Kolenda since yesterday and it’s superb – concise and inspiring. Prayerfully I hope that I will learn to walk with God more closely from now on.


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