Good reminder to live in the present!


The very first sentence struck me already. “We waste so many days waiting for the weekend”.

I think all of us are guilty of that isnt it? Well…unless your job requires you to work during the weekend and you look forward to weekdays instead haha. But still, the guilt is still there, most of us just spend our work days dreading every minute of it and can’t wait for our rest days to start.

I think it has to be that spirit of discontentment that makes us feel this way. We are far better than many others in comparison, and yet we still complain about work and grumble about life.

Today I am supposed to attend a new cell group for the first time tonight at 8pm just five minutes across my place. I’ve told the pastor and I was all ready to engage myself in studying the Bible. I was looking forward to cell the whole of this week!

Then this morning while i was putting on make up in the living room while my mum was putting out the clothes to dry, she reminded me that my elder girl has a Maths test tomorrow and I better not go for cell – stay home and revise with her.

I immediately felt so lousy – a large part of me felt guilty for not remembering about her test (actually I do remember but somehow it didn’t occur to me that my cell was the night right before the test), and another part of me felt irritated at the fact that I was going to miss cell.

Sigh – I ended up telling pastor that I couldnt make it for cell tonight.

As my friend Jeremy Goh puts it – FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS.

This kind of little hiccups in my life really cannot compare to some people’s problems like ‘when is my next meal gonna be’. I spent some time in the morning stressing over the decision whether to go cell or not, when I should really be catching up with hubby in the car on the way to work.

Actually I have been lamenting A LOT over such little problems. I think it’s also the fact that I recently got very busy and did not check the school’s online notifications, did not plan my calendar beforehand. I actually didn’t know that she had a Chinese test on Tuesday when all other other parents knew about it =_= Everyday after work is just rushing home to buy dinner and then immediately dive into taking care of the baby.

Hoping for things to settle down real soon and I can be more effective! But people, appreciate each and every day u got ya?


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