Yamagawa Japanese Restaurant (Food Review)


Cecilia treated me to a nice Japanese lunch yesterday at Yamagawa. It’s hidden at one isolated corner in The Plaza along Beach Road. It’s just beside my workplace though.

And so Cecilia was saying that she didn’t know about this restaurant too, until another colleague brought her there some time ago. Seriously, it’s at one hidden corner and no one will know about it unless by word of mouth. So my guess is it should be quite authentic for it to survive so long given its horrible location.


We had this as an appetizer – raw octopus with wasabi – it was really nice and addictive and Cecilia the Japanese foodie expert commented that it would go really well with sake.



Yeah it was a bit slimy. but it was okay!


We also ordered this saba fish to share – executed nicely, the flesh was juicy and flavourful.


My sukiyaki lunch set! When i saw the yolk, i was really wondering what i should do with it coz Cecilia was on a call away from the table. So I plopped the whole egg into the sukiyaki pot. When Cecilia came back, I told her about the yolk and she immediately scooped it up for me and explained that the yolk was supposed to be a dip for the beef slices.


And so I did. and it tasted magical!! Went so well with the beef leh!

Ok i suaku.

I was so stuffed from the lunch set – the sukiyaki pot was filled with beef slices and plenty of vegetables – the broth went super well with the rice too *YUM*

I am so having this again the next time i’m there!!

My sukiyaki set cost $18 before taxes and service charge. I think it’s pretty okay – it came with miso soup and 2 slices of sweet watermelon. I don’t mind going there for dinner and have some sake 🙂

Besides the food, I really love the interior of the restaurant. After we entered the restaurant, we had to walk through a narrow pathway to the main dining area. While we walked through that pathway, we saw a few private rooms that looked very very cosy and authentically Japanese. It’s like we were walking back in time to the geisha period!

Ok i am exaggerating. But yes I did feel rather ethereal. 🙂


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